TIE Fighters

Whassup, everyone? Sorry I’ve been a bit absent of late. Been busy with work and other stuff. I keep meaning to get started on a new CGI ship, but I haven’t found the motivation yet. My saber hobby has been progressing, but slowly. That stuff costs a lot more than the CGI. 😉 Anyway, onto the reason for today’s post.

Back in 2015, I kept seeing these ships in the store I work in. They’re the Hot Wheels die cast Star Wars ships, very cool. I kept saying I was going to get some, but then I never did, so then they were gone and I was sad. Well, new Star Wars movie coming out, new ships, yadda yadda. So, I picked up some last night. I decided to start with some TIE Fighters. I have Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced X1, Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer and the First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter. I didn’t see the original TIE Fighter from the original trilogy in the store, and it looks like they didn’t do my favorite in this run, the TIE Interceptor. So, I may have to see what I can find online. Anyway, it’s a start with this collection:


Lego Star Wars Pt. 03

Well, I was going to start an actual model build today but I wound up messing with this stuff instead. Since later versions of trueSpace won’t import these things correctly, (I’ve tried) I tried Blender. It imports them fine, but I had issues getting some of the parts to look right when I smooth shaded them. So, I eventually gave up and decided to just render them in trueSpace 3. I should be happy they work in that software, because these things export to a mess of polygons. (all triangles and lots of ugly meshiness)

So, after that, I decided to build the TIE Fighter. The only parts I couldn’t find for it were the parts for the pilot. LeoCad doesn’t have an Imperial pilot helmet or even a Stormtrooper helmet, so I fudged it a bit (you can’t really see him anyway.)