Enterprise Redesign 2020 Pt. 13

Just a couple more quick things. I decided to put the photon torpedo launchers in the saucer, since that was where the torpedoes came from in TOS. I also did something else in that general area. It’s not big, we’ll see if people notice. 😉

Then I went and put grid lines and windows in the neck. I may add a couple other things to the neck, but probably not much more.

Enterprise Redesign 2020 Pt. 11

I’m going to work in a little while, so no work will be done on the ship today. However, I decided to render up some full ship shots with higher anti aliasing to take a look at how everything is looking so far. And, since I rendered them anyway, there’s no reason not to share them.

Rendering full ship shots gives me an idea of how things are shaping up, as well as giving me an idea of problems (if any) that exist with the mesh. So far, I’m not seeing any.

Enterprise Redesign 2020 Pt. 09

I got the forward sensor/deflector greeblies done. I also added the docking port(s.) The ports are based on other ones from Star Trek. It’s a pretty basic design, but there’s no need to make it complex. It’s (obviously) situated between decks, just like the one on the TMP Enterprise. The airlock would require extra equipment that would make it too large to sit on just one deck. The idea is also that the whole airlock assembly itself can extend outward if necessary to dock with other ships, stations, or whatever. I’m pretty sure that’s the way the Voyager airlocks were too.

Anyway, the only thing left to detail on the saucer edge is the impulse engine.

Enterprise Redesign 2020 Pt. 08

After a short break, I’m back to work on this. The saucer edge was next, so I started by putting some cutouts for it to add details. The three circular ones on the front are going to be the auxiliary nav deflector and forward sensor array. The ones on the port and starboard sides are obviously going to be the docking ports. And, I added some horizontal lines similar to what they did on the TMP Enterprise because I’ve always liked that look, though I did less lines so that you can make out the individual lines better. And, I put in the saucer rim windows. I went with more windows than the TOS ship, again similar to the TMP ship. I’ll be doing very few (if any) windows on the saucer underside because having a bunch of windows on that aggressive curve makes no sense. I may just take a cue from the Kelvin Timeline Enterprise and have no windows down there. Or I may do some indentations like they did on the Enteprise-D and other TNG era ships to put some windows down there.

Enterprise Redesign 2020 Pt. 07

I finished up the details on the upper saucer. The only way any of this will change will be if I decide to do another detail pass later. But, that’s not likely to happen, as Starfleet ships aren’t known for having an excessive amount of exterior details. And, even though this is a reboot of sorts, there’s no reason to stray too far from tradition on this. If I wanted to do something with gobs of detail, I’d do a ship from another race (like the Klingons) or just switch to another franchise or do something original.

Enterprise Redesign 2020 Pt. 05

This is sort of a mini update. I got some feedback on the text over at Scifi-Meshes, so I tried out a suggestion and put the NCC-1701 text on the lower part of the saucer:

I wasn’t fond of how that looked, so I took that suggestion and some of the others and blended them together to make some changes and come up with something I like better:

Firstly, all of the text is smaller. The NCC-1701 text is slightly smaller, the USS Enterprise text is significantly smaller. I also changed the font from Airborne II to Airborne Pilot, because I wanted to. 😉 I moved the text closer to the edge of the ridge and moved my phasers from 33.3 degrees to 45 degrees, then re-spaced the text to easily fit between the phasers. I also moved the Enterprise text towards the edge and put it inside the arc of the NCC-1701 text. The other change I made had nothing to do with the text, but I moved the access panels more towards the center of the lower area of the saucer, because I like how that looks. It also helps make that area look less “empty.”

This is all I plan to do for now, as I have a headache and just want to play a game or something until it goes away. I would be installing a new drive for storing games into my PC, but Amazon decided they didn’t want to deliver it today. The whole reason I ordered the drive I did was because it was supposed to be delivered today, and I don’t work Saturday nights. So, to not get it today as planned is irritating, to say the least.