Phase II Enterprise

OK, this is the thing I’ve been working on, for those who didn’t get it already. I’ve always been intrigued by Star Trek: Phase II, the second attempt at a Star Trek TV series by Paramount that was doomed before it really got into production. Of course, the pilot episode became Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and many of the sets were used on the movies and even TNG, and some of the characters and stories were revisited on that show as well, but one wonders what would have become of Star Trek had that series gone through, as opposed to becoming a movie. We’ll never know because it didn’t happen, and everything worked out OK. We had the movies with the original cast, followed by TNG, DS9, Voyager, more movies and Enterprise. All told, a lot of good Trek, some of which likely wouldn’t have happened if Phase II had happened instead of TMP. Of course, the current state of Star Trek is sad, but at least we have hours upon hours of great shows and movies.

One thing I’ve always liked from Phase II was the model work being done at Brick Price Movie Miniatures, particularly the Enterprise model being constructed by Don Loos. Unfortunately, the model wasn’t high enough quality for the motion picture work as it was being built for television, so it couldn’t be used. Still, I love looking at Matt Jefferies’ sleek redesign for the ship, and at the 75% completed model that was being built. They were also working on a space dock that was significantly different than the one designed by Andrew Probert for the movie.

Anyway, I’ve built this ship before, but it’s been many years. As before, I’m using Jefferies’ updated drawings, cleaned up and made available by David Shaw. The drawings aren’t complete, but they give a complete enough view of what he had in mind for the Enterprise’s refit. There are also a few existing pics from the build in the Phase II book, which I of course have a copy of. In fact, I’m re-reading it while working on this. But, what I don’t have as far as references is where artistic license comes in. My goal is to do something between TOS and TMP, like maybe an intermediate design. Anyway, this is what I have so far:


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Random Stuff

Truth be told, I forgot about these until just now. I’m sure those of you who follow the Drex Files know that Doug mentioned a while back that there were some “interesting” things being done for the 2013 SOTL calendar. Doug will explain that at the appropriate time. I don’t know exactly what is going on with it, but I have a pretty good idea, but it’s not my place to say.

Anywho, these were some “samplers” I sent to Doug while he was looking for art for the calendar. Obviously, these aren’t stellar art pieces by any means, and they’re all similar. However, the idea was to maybe get a starting point for a more fancy piece to grow from. However, that ship has sailed, none of this shit made it in, I can’t say I’m too broken up over it. I’ll explain why I’ve adopted this particular attitude after Doug explains what’s happening with the 2013 calendar. In the meantime, I might as well post this crap, as it’s not doing anything but sitting on my hard drive.

The phaser beams aren’t that exceptional but, as I said, these weren’t intended to be finished pieces. I’m only posting them because I’ve got nothing else and because I literally just remembered about them. 😉

Endeavour in Drydock

This is part of a fan fiction thing that I’m working on (more on that later.) I’ll eventually be releasing the fiction as .pdf files with both text and some CG illustrations, this is for the first “episode.” I rendered it in desktop size, for people who want to use it as such, it will (obviously) be much smaller in the .pdf file, but I’ll rescale it later. Anywho, here it is:

On an “isn’t that weird?” note, I was getting ready to do the post processing on this in Gimp earlier. I’m running Kubuntu 11.04 and I installed Gimp 2.6.11 earlier. So, I went to run Gimp by clicking the icon and it wouldn’t start. It looked like it was starting, but it wouldn’t. So, I tried a direct command (/usr/bin/gimp-2.6) and it still wouldn’t run. So, I rebooted and then my Gimp icons were gone. I uninstalled and reinstalled Gimp and I still had no icons. So, I created one in the menu with the command /usr/bin/gimp-2.6 and now it runs like it should. Sometimes, (usually just when I think I have a handle on something) I swear I don’t know what the frack computers and/or software are “thinking.”

Images of the Day: Essex Exploring

I reworked the signage and textures on this ship the other day.  I like the way my most recent Enterprise model turned out, so I redid the textures for my “Phase II” Constitution-class to match the textures for the TOS Enterprise.  After all, I figure this is a Constitution-class variation from the 2260s, possibly built a few years before the refit of the Enterprise for TMP, and before they’d completely worked out the ConstitutionII-class (or Enterprise-class, if you prefer) from the movies.  Anywho, I finally got around to rendering some images of it yesterday.  I’ve always been a fan of this design, which is why I had to build one a few years ago.  🙂

Starship Spotlight: “Phase II” Constitution-class

This is my version of the ship that would have been used in the canceled series Star Trek:  Phase II.  It’s not related at all to the fan series with the same name.  In fact, I first built the ship many months before the fan series switched names from New Voyages to Phase II.  Version 1 was my first attempt at the TMP-style nacelles.  I made some mistakes both there and in other areas, so I made a new one in 2008.  This is the ’08 version.