Still More Transformers

So, this is where my Transformers Generations collection currently sits, or at least most of them. I have a few that aren’t on this display, but they don’t fit the theme. Most of these are from the Siege line, but some are from Combiner Wars, Power of the Primes and Titans Return. I got the bookcase from my parents, as it was in their basement not being used and it makes a great display. I still have a shelf I can use before I have to expand again.

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Transformers Studio Series 38 Optimus Prime

So, I’m a fairly big Transformers fan. Not quite as big a fan as a buddy at work, but I do like them a lot. I was born in 1979, so I grew up on the ’80s Transformers cartoon and I had numerous toys from the series. I still have some, but they’re not in the best shape. They got played with a lot. Well, working at Walmart, I find that the toy department is alluring. We have a lot of cool stuff back there. While some of it is toys aimed at kids, some is obviously geared more towards us adult kids. Some of the cool stuff we’ve been carrying the last few years is recreation Generation 1 Transformers stuff. It started with Hot Rod back in 2017, which I got when it was on clearance. I was amazed to find out that the toy was just like the ones back in the day, and Hot Rod was one I never had, though I did have (and still have) Rodimus Prime. After Hot Rod, we were carrying Optimus Prime, but only his cab, and various of the tiny Autobots. There’s also a Starscream that I didn’t get, but we have it on the website and I’m going to order it from there. Most recently, we had Soundwave, who comes with the Buzzsaw cassette, the other original cassettes are supposed to be sold in two packs, but we never have those in stock. I ordered those off of Amazon earlier. Anyway, we’ve got some other stuff too, including some of the cool modern style Transformers. Now, I don’t think the Michael Bay films are all that good. I like the first one, but the second one had too much dumb dialog for me, as did the third, so I tapped out after those. But, I like the movie Bumblebee, which I hope is turning the series back around. I love that they went back to the 1980s setting, and I love that the Transformers got a great retro look to them. So, I’ve been staring at this Optimus Prime figure for a while now. Funnily enough, I scanned it with the Walmart app on my phone, and it said we didn’t even have it in the store. 😛 So, I bought it. This is what it looked like in the package:

(not my image, I got it off the web)

And, here are some photos of my Prime in truck mode:

As you can see, I threw my G1 Optimus reissue in there for size. The Bumblebee one is slightly larger. Here it is in robot mode:

And, all of my newer Transformers together:

This Bumblebee Optimus Prime is pretty badass. The figure is not only more poseable, but has a much more accurate tranformation than the ’80s toys. Though, to be fair, the old toys were toys first and comics/cartoons second, so it’s more fair to say the animation didn’t match the toy. Though, this new one is also very complex. It took me a while of struggling over the less than clear instructions to realize that I needed a more comprehensive guide, so I turned to YouTube. I generally despise YouTube (and all things Google) but that was the best place to find a tranform video for this toy, so that’s what I used.

Anyway, I think this is cool, so I figured I’d share. We have some more Transformers at work that I plan to get and I’ll share them here if there’s any interest.