And still more…

I added the “baseball bat” to the impulse engines yesterday. I think this version is closer to what was on the original ship, but it’s not perfect. Though, it’s a very odd shape to make, so I’m glad it’s as close as it is. Today, I added the windows to the saucer section. I know, “purists” will say that the saucer rim and B/C deck on the 11-foot model don’t have symmetrical windows. While that’s true, I feel that they should. The port side saucer rim and B/C deck look so plain to me with only two windows a piece (yes, I know there were more towards the back of the rim, but the port fore is seen more often.) Had they detailed the port side of the ship, I think they would have given it the same number of windows as the starboard side. They did that on the 33-inch model. And, since it was never really seen on screen, one could argue that the port side would have had the same number of windows. So, mine does. However, I left the other windows asymmetrical. Those windows were clearly seen in a lot of episodes and are intentionally asymmetrical.







More work on the Constitution revamp. I spun the new saucer base, but I was able to save the teardrop. I did the same thing I did on the engineering hull to get rid of the windows. Since the port side has only three windows, I did that on that side and then mirrored it. Aside from the basic saucer, everything else you see hasn’t been changed. I need to redo the detail that goes along the back top of the saucer to the impulse engine, which is why it isn’t there.





Here we go again…

Well, it’s Constitution class time again. No, I’m not building a whole new ship, I’m just fixing a few things with my last one.

It started with the bussard collectors. Dan “Madkoifish” Uyeno is building a Connie and we got into a discussion about them on 3DSciFi. I’ve known for years that the bussards were 10 colored Christmas tree lights on a bed of broken mirror bits, with curved blades that spun over them and a frosted glass dome over it all. However, until Dan mentioned it, it never occurred to me that the lights weren’t just set in there straight, they were bent towards the center of the assembly. It makes sense, they fit under the blades and dome a lot better that way. So, taking that all into account, I came up with this:


After fixing some materials and changing the colors of the lights, and making the dome visible again, it looks like this:


After all of that, I decided to “fix” some other stuff on the rest of the model. One thing I don’t like about it is how big the windows are, I made a mistake there. So, I painstakingly removed all of the windows from the engineering hull and patched up the holes without damaging the mesh. It’s all nice and smooth again. (better that than to rebuild it) I also have more recent images showing me that my warp pylon shape was wrong, so I fixed those too. The main pylon, or “neck,” shape was also wrong, though that one is harder to gauge. So, I redid that part in an attempt to make it more accurate. I also have some nice HD screen caps (again, compliments of Mr. Uyeno) with the original effects that show pretty well the shape of the navigational deflector spike. I had that totally wrong, it was modeled more like the one currently on the ship. So, I rebuilt that and also colored it correctly.

So, after all of that, this is where the engineering hull and nacelles stand:





Aside from the bussards, the nacelles have no changes. They look good enough to me. For the saucer, I’m going to spin a new saucer base, rather than patch the windows back up like I did on the engineering hull. After all, saucers are really fast and simple to make. Though, some of the bits like the main part of the impulse engines and some of the other bits won’t have to be redone. And, after I’m done fixing shapes and re-adding windows, I’m going to model all of the hull markings, rather than the textured markings the ship has now. Then I’m also going to do new textures.

TNG Era Ship, Pt. 02

I got the main hull all sized where I want it to start today. This is important to do early in the process, before adding details. Otherwise, you can wind up with something FUBAR, like a 725 meter long ship that was clearly designed to be in the 300-400 meter range. I also shortened the nacelles slightly, in the front. I shortened the space behind the bussard cowling, that was a bit long for my taste. With all of that finalized, it’s 295.45 meters long, 175.something wide and around 60 tall. So, it’s around the size of a Constitution class ship.

After doing all of that, I started on the details. I added an inset to the back of the big square section at the back of the saucer. This is where the shuttlebay will go. Then I started on the navigational deflector and impulse engines. And, last but certainly not least, I started on the grid/panel lines. I went a bit heavy handed on this, as I usually do. I like doing a lot of these things, similar what Richard Taylor did on the Enterprise refit, to add a lot of detail without ruining that smooth look that Matt Jefferies wanted on the ships. Anywho, I have those all done on the catamarans.







TNG Era Ship

The voices were telling me to start a new ship yesterday. So, I did. 😉

I started off wanting do do something from the TNG era with catamarans. I like the catamaran style ships because they’re slightly different than the usual saucer, engineering hull and nacelles combo that we’ve seen a lot of over the years. My first go a the main hull was kind of flat, similar to a lot of the ships I’ve been doing lately. However, that was kind of boring, so I decided to go with a catamaran style ship with a secondary hull, similar to the NX-01 refit that Doug Drexler designed. So, using that as inspiration, I came up with this:





I don’t have a name for it yet, so I’m just calling it “New Ship.” It’s not huge, a little over 300 meters long, 168 or so wide, 30-something tall. I figure it’s a frigate, or light cruiser, or something. Anywho, it’s a start. More to follow. 🙂