I chromed the lightsaber hilt. Fortunately, chroming something in one 3D program isn’t all that different than doing it in another. All you have to know is what the settings do and then fool around with diffusion, specular, glossiness and reflection settings. Also, it helps to know where to put the environment map. One thing that’s easier is using a node-based texture system with everything done in one window, as opposed to what I had to do in TrueSpace, which involved using multiple windows and was a big pain in the butt at times. (but easy once I got used to it)



So, that will pretty much do it for this object. I mostly just created it because I like lightsabers and because I wanted to start off with something simple(ish) to play around with modeling settings. Ironically, this is actually the 2nd hilt I started, I hit a creative wall on the first one, so it’s currently in limbo. 😉


And now we have…

…the first object I’ve built since switching 3D software from TrueSpace to Lightwave. It’s not much, but it’s a start. The materials are temporary, I have to work out how to do metal materials in Lightwave.




By the way, in case anybody isn’t getting it, it’s a lightsaber hilt. 😛

Switching Tracks

OK, upon personal reflection, I think I’ve figured out why I’ve had no interest in doing 3D lately.  It’s because I’ve been trying to make Star Trek models.  Star Trek is one of my favorite Sci-Fi series but I think I’m finally bored with making Trek 3D stuff.  I have no idea how long that will last, it might even be permanent.  (you never know)  However, I am on an bit of a Star Wars kick right now.  Star Wars has been a favorite of mine long before I ever saw Star Trek, so it’s finally time to start on some Star Wars projects.  I’ve modeled very little Star Wars over the years (mostly lightsabers) and it’s time I corrected that.  I have an idea for a fighter that I’ll probably start building pretty soon.  I’m not going to give much detail but it’s from the Old Republic era, probably around 6,000 to 5,000 years BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin.)  6,900 to 5,000 years BBY is a big “gap” in the official SW chronology where nothing “canon” has happened, leaving, leaving me a lot of room to play around.  Aside from the fighter, I’ve started writing a Star Wars story set in that era.  Once upon a time, I had dreams of having a book published, I even started on a Star Wars novel several years ago (I lost it in a HD failure) but nowadays I think personal web publishing is the way to go.  So, I’ll probably start a website (I have a book on creating a website from the library that covers HTML5, so I think my chances are good) and publish the story on there.  My hope is that it will be the launching point for a whole fan fiction series set in that era of SW history.

Anywho, to get back into the 3D swing, I started by repainting a lightsaber hilt I made a couple years ago.  I considered making one from scratch but I have several that I’ve never used for anything and they’re not “canon” hilts, so I decided to use one I already had, though I hated the colors and textures I used in 2009.  Originally, it was all beat up and scratched, I chromed it.  I also darkened the hand grip textures.  This lightsaber will be carried by one of my main characters.  I won’t tell too much yet, but she’s a Chiss Padawan.  Her maser is a Zabrak Jedi Master.  He carries a double-bladed lightsaber.  I modeled one around the same time as this one but I will also be repainting that one.  Anywho, here’s the Padawan’s hilt:

I'm really happy with how the chrome came out after many tweaks. I had to render this in trueSpace 4 because trueSpace 7, for some stupid reason, can't handle environment (reflectance) maps and ray traced reflections on the same part. tS4 doesn't have this handicap.

The hand grips were originally brown but I darkened them to almost black. I used the same bump map and just darkened the color map. They're supposed to look like some kind of animal hide.

The original barfy color scheme and "floor" pattern.


Update 066/13/2011 11:56 am EDT:  Using the create a character in the MMORPG Champions Online, I did a kind of a concept sketch of what my Chiss Jedi character might look like.  Obviously, since this was done in a superhero MMORPG, the clothing isn’t quite right, but I think it came out pretty well.  The skin and eye color are about spot-on for the Chiss and I gave her black hair because that’s the color of hair that all of the Chiss of which I could find pictures had.  Since the Chiss are a “near-human” species and don’t have horns or oddly shaped body parts or head-to-toe hair or anything, I was able to create her.  (the Zabrak will have to wait until I feel like actually drawing him)

Blender Sabers pt3

OK, I’m finished with this thing.  I’ll probably move onto something more complex next, possibly some kind of space vehicle.  In the meantime, here are a couple of full-sized (my normal full-size, that is) renders of the ‘saber.  I added a cheesy base with some stupid writing (my first text in Blender) and a simple “wood” texture that I made in Gimp.

Blender Sabers pt2

This is pretty much it for the first craptastic saber.  It’s not meant to be anything that beautiful, I just wanted to try modeling something in Blender and I did.  It resembles Obi-Wan’s lightsaber too much for me to call it my own and it’s not accurate enough for me to call it Obi-Wan’s lightsaber.  So, I’ll leave it be.

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Blender Sabers pt1

Well, technically, it’s part 2 but since part 1 had a different title, it’s still part 1.  So, we’ll pretend that it’s part 1 but we’ll know in our hearts that it’s really part 2.  😉

Instead of modeling today, I focused on materials and textures.  It took a while but I learned how to apply a texture to the meshes.  I also found out how to bump map.  It’s amazing how many options there are in the material settings compared to even the newest version of trueSpace.  I can do so many things I never could before (like the slightly distorted reflection in the “floor.”)

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Image of the Day: More Lightsabery Goodness

I was bored last night, so I threw together another lightsaber image.  This was the last hilt I built in my most recent series of hilts before I lost interest in building hilts due to the fact that I bought some new video games.  😉  Anywho, the concrete texture came with the 3D software.  However, since it’s Star Wars, we’ll call it permacrete or duracrete (same thing.)  Everything else is all me.  🙂


The Force is strong with this one Pt. 4

The madness continues.  😉

I built two more hilts. They’re both designs I’ve never tried before, the double bladed hilt (Ala Darth Maul) and the hook-hilt saber. (Ala Darth Bane, Count Dooku, Ventriss, etc.) I figure the big double blader is wielded by a Jedi Master and the hook hilt is carried by his/her Padawan. Hence, the same unusual color scheme.

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