Klingon D7

Just for shiggles, I decided to load my old D7 into Lightwave 2018 to see how it looks. It’s OK, but it needs some work. Or I may even rebuild it after I complete the Enterprise and the Romulan ship that I have planned next.


More Battlecruisers, Pt. 06

Needless to say, this stuff takes a while to do. But, I got the paneling on the upper wing done. I wanted it to resemble feathers, but with an abstract feel to it as well. Also, I relented and resized the nacelles slightly, even though this isn’t my design. Now the look less like pontoons.





More Battlecruisers, Pt. 04

Even though this ship predates the D7, which (arguably) doesn’t have much in the way of hull details, I decided to detail the main hull more in line with later/earlier Klingon ships. I started with the top of the main hull and this is where it is. When I do textures, I’ll add color and spec map details that will make the effect more pronounced.



More Battlecruisers, Pt. 01

Since I can’t seem to stay focused on any of my open projects right now, I figure it’s time to start a new one. 😉 Since I enjoyed (in a hair pulling way) building the Klingon D7 late last year and earlier this year, I decided to do another Klingon Battlecruiser. I briefly toyed with doing the “D6” from Star Trek: Axanar, built by the incomparable Tobias Richter, but I decided to instead go with the D6 from The Starfleet Museum, by Masao Okzaki and others. This ship has been on my “to build” list for ages, so I decided to finally do it.

In some ways, I actually prefer this ship to the D7, at least from a modeling standpoint. I decided to do the main hull and wings as all one unit, like I did with the D7. This creates that smooth transition from the “body” to the wings, which I love. Also, it really allowed me to match the parts up better than I could doing them separately. The “body” doesn’t have as many curves as the D7, making this much easier to do. The “head” is also simpler in parts, but I also made sure I had things flowing the way I wanted them, so a few mods were necessary. However, I didn’t stray too much from the plans. I also had to pick which view I wanted to match things up with, or go somewhere in between. Like most 2D schematics, there are variations from view to view, but that’s to be expected. After all, if it was easy to draw something in 2D from multiple angles and have it match exactly, everybody would be doing it. 😉 Also, there are a few parts where I pretty much just had to do my own thing with the shape, since there’s no bottom view, (like the bulge on the bottom of the “head”) but that’s not an issue. Another thing I like about this design is that the impulse section is in the top thing, the shuttlebay is underneath. The D7 has both of those elements in that top thing, even though a lot of people incorrectly put the engines underneath. (that’s the K’t’inga, not the D7) So, long winded explanations aside, this is where it stands right now:





Once I’m done with this one, I’ll probably do some more of Masao’s Battlecruisers. I prefer his Battlecruisers to the ones from Enterprise. I think the Bird of Prey and especially the Raptor from that show were great, but I don’t think Battlecruisers got a good representation. First, we saw the K’t’inga in Unexpected. (not even the older D7, it was the K’t’inga) That was wrong on so many levels. What is worse is that John Eaves designed a fantastic Ent-era Battlecruiser, but the dimwits in charge didn’t think it had enough windows. So, they decided instead to use the K’t’inga, thinking we wouldn’t notice or care. (apparently, they don’t know Trekkies) After that, the D5 appeared later, towards the end of Season 2, and was used again in Season 4. While it’s a nice design, the really weak thing about the D5 is that it appeared in the episode Marauders (from earlier in Season 2) as a deuterium tanker. A tanker! All they did was remove the tanks to make it the D5. Just think about this a moment: Are we really expected to believe that the Klingon Defense Force allowed one of its mighty warships to be converted into a tanker? I don’t think so. So, anyway, that’s why I prefer Masao’s Battlecruisers.

Klingon Ships On Patrol

This is something I put together months ago for… something. (never mind the details 😛 ) Anyway, I figured I’d release it publicly just for fun. Basically, it’s a recreation of the opening flyby of the Klingon ships in TMP, minus the V’Ger cloud. It showcases my Klingon D7 model and crappy animation ability. (or lack thereof) The camera turn was a huge pain to set up and never came out how I wanted it, so this is as good as it gets.

Never Been This Close…

I had a fun thought earlier, to take my recently completed D7 model and my Enterprise and recreate the famous shot from Star Trek VI where Krosos One and Enterprise are flying side by side. (more or less, Kronos One is out front, probably due to the fact that it’s carrying the Chancellor of the Klingon Empire) I got the ships, camera and main light as close as I could to the shot from the movie. However, I had to do something about the lighting. The dark parts of the models in the film have a large amount of ambient light hitting them, which there shouldn’t even be in space. Sure, most of us lighten out stuff more than it would be in real life, Star Treks 3, 4, 5 and 6 all had way too much ambient light in deep space. It’s just not realistic. So, I added a nebulous cloud-thing (technical term 😉 ) that I created for this image to the background, justifying the addition of a few dome lights to add some nice even hues to the darker parts of the ship. (and, yes, I used a wee bit of ambient light also) Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out.