Star Trek Blueprints, Part 1

So, look what I found in really nice shape on Ebay:

These are awesome blueprints. Sheets 1-5 pertain to the Enterprise, external views and the bridge blueprints. Sheets 6-9 are the Klingon Battlecruiser, external and bridge. (no bottom view, unfortunately) Then there’s the shuttle that brought Spock to the Enterprise, the work bee and the travel pod. All told, a lot of great designs from one of the most visually stunning Sci-Fi films of all time. I was really happy to find these on Ebay, especially in such remarkable shape. They’re 39 year old blueprints and the pages are almost all in pristine shape. They sat on a shelf for years, so the blue cover sheet has a mark from the snap on the plastic case, but that was clearly described and shown in the listing. Also, there’s some slight browning on the paper on all the sheets, particularly at the crease lines and a few of the sheets have some small brown spots on them. Sheet 14 also has a folded corner and some slight fold lines. But, given their age and how a lot of this sort of stuff wasn’t preserved so well, these have fared remarkably well. I’m a year older than them and I’m not exactly in perfect shape myself. 😉 The best part is, they were only $21.99 plus tax, free shipping.

So, I’m pretty happy with this purchase. I also have the TOS blueprint set on the way, they look to be in about the same condition. (that’s why this post is part 1) That set was 4 cents less than this one. 🙂

Elaan of Troyius – The Chase

A little piece of artwork I did based on the classic TOS episode Elaan of Troyius. Elaan wasn’t necessarily the best episode, nor was it the worst, but it did give one of the best ships ever for Star Trek, the Klingon Battlecruiser. The ship was seen briefly as it chased the Enterprise, firing its disruptors. Thanks to a screwy airing order, the D7 wound up being first seen in The Enterprise Incident, representing a handful of Romulan ships, but in production order it first appeared in this episode. So, this is my take on the chase.

This is my first composition image in a long time, so be gentle. 😛

Bunch of Stuff

I decided I wasn’t in the mood to work on the Enterprise last night, so I planned to start a new ship instead. However, the new ship was going to be a design I’ve done before, so I took a look at my old model and decided it’s not too bad. It was for a fan film project I was involved in back in 2014. For full details, see this post:

Anyway, getting the model back into Lightwave 10 and taking a look at it, I decided there wouldn’t be much to be gained by starting a new model. So, I started modifying the existing one. I started by getting rid of a lot of the greeblies and stuff. These bits were things I added after I finished the model initially, but I was trying to add more visual interest. Most of that stuff came from the Constellation class and really didn’t fit, so I got rid of it. I also got rid of the trenches. I have something else in mind for back there. Getting rid of those involved destroying geometry and creating new faces. That didn’t take too terribly long. Then the real fun began. I had to remove the name and registry from the ship. Well, I didn’t have to, but I wanted to. I’m not a huge fan of doing earlier versions of canon ships. Besides, that name and registry were for that fan film and I really don’t want them on the model. So, that was a long and tedious process, but it’s done. Then I imported the impulse engines from my Enterprise WIP because I like how I did them. AFter that, I started fooling around with materials. There’s still a long way to go, including adding some parts and possibly doing new textures, but it’s a start:

After that, I started messing around with some of the other models I did for that project. One of which is a Klingon D7:

I like that model and plan to use it. It may also get new textures. It’s a shame I don’t have my Romulan ship anymore, but I can always build another one. That’s actually the easier of the two TOS main alien ships to build.

Then there’s this:

It’s pretty much an upscaled and TOS-ified Regula type station, dubbed Starbase 15. I see no reason to change that name, as it’s not like “Starbase X” is specific to any show or another. I think they just drew numbers out of a hat for those. 😉 To give an idea of how big it is, here it is next to a ship:

It’s pretty large. I didn’t feel that Regula was big enough to fill the role of a Starbase space station, so I super sized it. I do need to redo some of the greebles. Again, some of that stuff was from the Constellation class. I dind’t have a lot of time working on that project, as I was the only model maker and then they also wanted me to do animation, which I had to teach myself how to do. But, that’s in the past. So, I might as well use those models for something. 🙂

More Battlecruisers, Pt. 04

Even though this ship predates the D7, which (arguably) doesn’t have much in the way of hull details, I decided to detail the main hull more in line with later/earlier Klingon ships. I started with the top of the main hull and this is where it is. When I do textures, I’ll add color and spec map details that will make the effect more pronounced.



More Battlecruisers, Pt. 01

Since I can’t seem to stay focused on any of my open projects right now, I figure it’s time to start a new one. 😉 Since I enjoyed (in a hair pulling way) building the Klingon D7 late last year and earlier this year, I decided to do another Klingon Battlecruiser. I briefly toyed with doing the “D6” from Star Trek: Axanar, built by the incomparable Tobias Richter, but I decided to instead go with the D6 from The Starfleet Museum, by Masao Okzaki and others. This ship has been on my “to build” list for ages, so I decided to finally do it.

In some ways, I actually prefer this ship to the D7, at least from a modeling standpoint. I decided to do the main hull and wings as all one unit, like I did with the D7. This creates that smooth transition from the “body” to the wings, which I love. Also, it really allowed me to match the parts up better than I could doing them separately. The “body” doesn’t have as many curves as the D7, making this much easier to do. The “head” is also simpler in parts, but I also made sure I had things flowing the way I wanted them, so a few mods were necessary. However, I didn’t stray too much from the plans. I also had to pick which view I wanted to match things up with, or go somewhere in between. Like most 2D schematics, there are variations from view to view, but that’s to be expected. After all, if it was easy to draw something in 2D from multiple angles and have it match exactly, everybody would be doing it. 😉 Also, there are a few parts where I pretty much just had to do my own thing with the shape, since there’s no bottom view, (like the bulge on the bottom of the “head”) but that’s not an issue. Another thing I like about this design is that the impulse section is in the top thing, the shuttlebay is underneath. The D7 has both of those elements in that top thing, even though a lot of people incorrectly put the engines underneath. (that’s the K’t’inga, not the D7) So, long winded explanations aside, this is where it stands right now:





Once I’m done with this one, I’ll probably do some more of Masao’s Battlecruisers. I prefer his Battlecruisers to the ones from Enterprise. I think the Bird of Prey and especially the Raptor from that show were great, but I don’t think Battlecruisers got a good representation. First, we saw the K’t’inga in Unexpected. (not even the older D7, it was the K’t’inga) That was wrong on so many levels. What is worse is that John Eaves designed a fantastic Ent-era Battlecruiser, but the dimwits in charge didn’t think it had enough windows. So, they decided instead to use the K’t’inga, thinking we wouldn’t notice or care. (apparently, they don’t know Trekkies) After that, the D5 appeared later, towards the end of Season 2, and was used again in Season 4. While it’s a nice design, the really weak thing about the D5 is that it appeared in the episode Marauders (from earlier in Season 2) as a deuterium tanker. A tanker! All they did was remove the tanks to make it the D5. Just think about this a moment: Are we really expected to believe that the Klingon Defense Force allowed one of its mighty warships to be converted into a tanker? I don’t think so. So, anyway, that’s why I prefer Masao’s Battlecruisers.