Image Rights

Please read this before downloading any of my images.

The images posted on this blog are my creations. 99.9% of the time, I build the ships, I make the textures, I make the backgrounds and I make the images. On the rare occasion where I use something I don’t create, I include credits. Nobody pays me to do this stuff, I do it as a labor of love. I don’t ask anything in return for the use of these images on your own website except one thing: use the images as they are, don’t alter them. Alterations include but are not limited to removal of credits, changing colors, adding any kind of filters, etc. Don’t do it. This isn’t much to ask.

I have, on a few occasions, come across images of mine that have been altered. Usually, somebody has removed the credits. In one instance, somebody was even enough of a jerk to put their own credits on there, as if they made the image. This is theft, plain and simple. It’s no different than painting over the signature on a painting and adding your own instead. It won’t be tolerated. If I find any of my images on the web where somebody has altered them, I will be forced to track that person down (if possible) and take action. If it becomes a frequent thing, I will take this blog down.