Image Gallery

This is my image gallery of things that I like or at least kinda sorta like. Only finished “art” pieces will appear here, WIP pics, orthos, beauty shots and other assorted images can be found in the posts themselves (that’s why there’s a search box. 😉 )

Newer Works:

The images in this section represent stuff that I’ve made since switching from TrueSpace 3D to Lightwave 3D. My older TrueSpace stuff is below.

1920 X 1080 Desktops:

Enterprise_Nebula01 Enterprise_Starbase_15_Depart Ent_Earth_Orbit01 Elaan_the_Chase EnterpriseBPLeaveOrbit01 ConnieGPOrbit02B ConnieGPOrbit02A Endeavour_EarthOrbit01 Endeavour_EarthOrbit02 Endeavour_EarthOrbit03 NBTC_A RefitEnterprise_Orbit01 RefitEnterprise_Orbit02 Starfire_Beauty01 Starfire_Beauty02

Starship Orthos:


Older Works:

The images in the sections below represent my older work, from when I used the CGI software TrueSpace 3D. I consider them to not be as good as my newer stuff, but I’m leaving this section up in case anybody likes the images and wants to use them.

1600 X 900 desktops:


1920 X 1080 desktops:

DAndE SShield001 SShield002A BatmanEmblem01 BatmanEmblem02A Pompeii_Beauty05 Pompeii_Beauty06 Pompeii_Beauty07 StargazerDocked01

Oddly shaped images:

Starship Orthos: