Star Wars Action Figures

I forgot about these until someone on a forum mentioned action figures.

Back in 1999, I decided I was going to get all of the Episode I action figures. Don’t ask why, I just did. Anyway, I’ve had all of these in a box for ages, so I decided to take it all out and snap some photos.

That’s quite a group, I almost didn’t fit them all on the dresser. 😉

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You Know You’re a Geek, Pt. 2

I got this one in the mail today. Only $2.99 + $3.50 S&H. The person who sold it really knows how to package comics for shipping, I’m really pleased. 🙂

My Star Trek/X-Men crossover collection is once again complete. 🙂

Though, I really need to quit hiring this crappy photographer to take these pictures. 😉

You know you’re a geek when…

…you pay $14.99 + $3.00 S&H for this bad boy on eBay:

I bought a copy of it new back in 1998 with the other cover:

Unfortunately, that went MIA years ago, so I decided to get another copy. It said NM (Near Mint) on the sale listing and they weren’t kidding. I doubt the one I bought back in 1998 would have been in that good shape by now. 😉 I know $14.99 may seem like a lot to some people but it’s not to a Trekkie and X-Men fan who wants to get a piece of the good ol’ days back. 😀

Also, those pics are courtesy of my new camera:

And, since the camera obviously didn’t take a picture of itself, those pics are courtesy of my Samsung Galaxy Note:

(It’s a PADD :D)

The Note was a recent purchase. I went to Best Buy and exchanged my Kindle Fire for it because I didn’t like the Fire that well as a reader or as a tablet. So, I also got a regular Kindle:

(Also a PADD :D)

Anywho, having fun. Alas, still no CGI lately.

From the Depths of the Backup Drives 05

Oh yeah, it’s time for more old and horrible artwork (though, I’m using the term “artwork” loosely. ;)) A friend of mine is closing down his forum, so he let me know in case I wanted to get any of my stuff off of there. So, I took a look and I found some gems on there. This crap is truly dreadful, so I of course had to post it here. 😉 Most of this stuff should be from at least 2007, though a couple might be from 2006.

This is an absolute gem. It was my attempt to do a battle scene. The explosion got some constructive criticism, but it's all 100% made by me, so of course it sucks. 😉 This one might actually be so old that it was rendered in trueSpace 3.2, I know the ships were definitely built in 3.2

This one doesn't have a year on it, but it's my 2007 Connie model, so it has to be at least from 2007.

This is one of my early attempts to do planet textures with LunarCell. The texture limits of trueSpace have been well documented by me, but I think these maps were even smaller than the program could handle. They're extremely blurry. And, of course, more crappy special effects. 😀

One of my various attempts to do Delta Vega, the planet from Where No Man Has Gone Before. This is another early LunarCell effort, though I think this was done completely Gimp, rather than using texture maps.

This is an attempt at an emulation shot from the remastered version of I, Mudd. More horrible planet goodness, with some equally horrible rings. Those also got criticism because they're just glowy bits with no definition, but that's how they are in the episode.

From the Depths of the Backup Drives 04

I haven’t done one of these for a while.  A lot of my really old CGI crap was lost either due to a HD failure in 2005 or to corrupt backup CDs (that’s why I use flash drives now.)  However, I was over at 3D Gladiators and I found some old crap in the gallery.  Most of this junk is between 4 and 5 years old.  The models are low poly and horrible, the textures are just dreadful and we won’t even talk about the lighting. (wretched)  Anywho, here they are.

This was about 4 Enterprises ago. It was made by glancing at pictures and modifying primitives.

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More Tripoli

I rendered a couple more shots of the Tripoli.  This ship renders really quickly, I’m tempted to rig it up and do some animation with it.  It’s a very photogenic model.  However, it does have a bad side.  A front lower 3/4 shot of the ship is just fugly, IMO.  With the secondary hull and nacelles being on top, basically all you can get in frame is the lower and front saucer and the phaser cannons.  While I like those details, it doesn’t make for a pretty picture.  The first image was going to be a front lower 3/4 but I didn’t like how it looked, so I switched to a rear lower 3/4.

U.S.S. Tripoli in Earth Orbit

I was digging around in my trueSpace folder again and I found yet another mesh that I’d all but forgotten about (I really need to do this more often.)  This is another one I built a couple years ago, it’s the Paris-class light cruiser designed by Masao Okazaki of The Starfleet Museum.  I’ve always liked this design, it’s a mean looking little ship.  So, I decided to build it back in 2008.  Of course, I took some artistic license with it and added some bits like more grid lines and did slightly different things with the nacelles and big phaser cannons but it’s still Masao’s design.

To resurrect this particular model, a bit of work needed to be done.  I built it right after I installed trueSpace 7 for the first time and I wasn’t used to the newest version of tS, so I made some mistakes with the material settings.   So, before I rendered this, I re-applied all the texture maps with new settings.  It looks a lot better, IMO.  I also did some work on the glowy bits that’s more up to date with my newest meshes, I redid the bussards, sensor domes and running lights more like what I did on my most recent Enterprise meshes.  I also tweaked the lights themselves so that the would cast light more realistically onto the hull.  The result is as follows:

I really like this design and some of the other ones that Masao has on his site.  Perhaps, after I finish my current builds, I’ll go back and do a couple more of his designs.  A couple of my favorites are the Predator & Avenger designs and some of his Klingon cruisers are really cool, especially the D6.  I think I like that one best because it’s never been done on canon Trek.  (neither has the D4 but I prefer John Eaves’ D4 design)

The Beast is Back

I was messing around earlier (procrastinating, mostly) and I was looking through my trueSpace folder and I found a mesh that I had forgotten about.  It seems like ages ago that I built it, but it was really only a couple years ago.  (when you’ve built a few dozen models, they kind of blur together after a while)  It’s one of my überprise models that I made.  Basically, the idea was to try and redesign the TOS Enterprise (blasphemy, I know) and try to “modernize” the design.  What I wound up with was a nearly 400 meter ship with 32 decks, two shuttlebays, loads of phasers, front and rear photon torpedoes, saucer separation capability, two impulse drives, automatic locks, power windows (though it’s best to not use those in space,) cup holders out the yin-yang, I mean this beastie fully loaded.

Anywho, I found the model and went “oh yeah, that one.”  😉  So, I decided to render some images.

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From the Depths of the Backup Drives 03

Boy, I had a bunch of these posts of my old crap planned when I started this blog that, unfortunately, got lost in an operating system crash that required me to reformat my HD. (after I deleted the stuff from the old drive, naturally) However, I was looking around one of my old threads from a few years ago on 3DSciFi and I found these images.

This is a model I made in trueSpace 3 about 4 years ago. It was my 2nd attempt at building the ship I’m currently building. (the first attempt was lost when an old PC bit the dust) Anywho, the original inspiration for this ship came from the concept designs for Voyager and John Eaves’ half saucer (“Intrepid”) design for Enterprise.  As you can see, I clearly didn’t know what the hell I was doing back then.  The ship isn’t very detailed and the textures are absolutely horrible.  Natually, I thought it was the coolest thing I’d built when I did it. (sadly, it probably was)

Anywho, I thought I’d share this fugly little thing, since I found a couple images of it.  I plan to have an update on my current build later today or tomorrow.

Starship Spotlight: U.S.S. Revere

I posted an image or two of this mesh a while back and I intended to go back and do a post specifically on it but I never got around to it.  So, here it is.

Basically, this is a small scout ship, it’s only 120 meters long and has 9 decks, though a couple at the bottom of the ship are tiny, so they’re probably cargo or fuel storage.  The name, type and registry are canon, the Scout Columbia NCC-621 is being ordered to rendezvous with the Scout Revere NCC-595 in the establishing shot of Epsilon 9 in TMP.  And, since no ship was seen on screen, I named my design after the Revere.

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