USS Sunstreaker WIP, Part 13

More stuff. And a name change. I got the name Sunstreaker from The Transformers. Sunstreaker is an Autobot who is vain and arrogant. He thinks he’s the best and lets everyone else know it. He also points out the shortcomings of others and doesn’t help others. Basically, he’s a d-bag. He’s a skilled warrior, which is why the Autobots put up with his attitude. Aside from being associated with a character who’s a d-bag, I don’t want to use a name from another franchise. So, I renamed the ship the USS Minerva. Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare. She’s not a violent battle craving psycho like God of War Mars, Minerva instead prefers to fight defensively. I feel that type of character fits the Federation a bit more than a sociopathic Autobot. Minerva’s Greek counterpart is Athena, which is what I was going to go with, but it’s used more frequently. I feel Minerva gets less use, so I went with that.

Also, I’m still having mouse issues despite changing mice. The one I switched to is another Logitech wireless mouse, but an older one. I’m having the same issue with the right button. I’ve even tried a new battery. So, I ordered a Microsoft wired mouse to see if it’s a driver issue. The only other option is that it’s related to either Windows itself or Lightwave. I don’t see why it would be Lightwave, as I haven’t updated anything with it. However, Windows installed some updates before this issue started, and who knows what kind of issues those introduced? So, I’m going to see if the wired mouse fixes things. If not, I guess I’ll try reinstalling Lightwave, just in case it’s an issue with that. One thing is certain, it’s really weird that it’s only happening with the right button. I’ve had no issues with the left one on either mouse.

4 responses to “USS Sunstreaker WIP, Part 13

    • If it wasn’t for Lightwave, I wouldn’t run Windows. I have Lightwave 9, 10 and 2018. 9 and 10 use a USB dongle for licensing, I can’t get that to work with Linux using WINE. And, 2018 actually requires the Windows firewall to run, so it doesn’t work with WINE either. If not for that one piece of software, I’d just run Linux based operating systems. Hence, my multiple attempts to use and like Blender over the past few years. But, I don’t like the way it does certain things, so I don’t use it.

      • I have multiple machines as a solution, but there all quite old and just used as a hobby. One day I will get round to putting Windows 10 inside Linux on Virtual box.

    • Yeah, I have a Linux computer. It’s got the latest version of Linux Mint on it. (Mint 20, I think) It works fine for everything I need to do with a computer other than run Lightwave. I could try Blender again, though it does annoy me so. It’s really nice software, I just don’t like how it does certain things. I think even most of my Steam games will work on Linux, thanks to Steam Proton. But, I’m prepared to lose games. That’s not a big deal for me. I don’t know, I have to think about it.

      The other thing is to just stop doing CGI. Honestly, sometimes I wonder why I even still bother.

      Edit: Oh, and I’m having no issues with the wired mouse so far.

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