Enterprise Redesign 2020 Pt. 13

Just a couple more quick things. I decided to put the photon torpedo launchers in the saucer, since that was where the torpedoes came from in TOS. I also did something else in that general area. It’s not big, we’ll see if people notice. πŸ˜‰

Then I went and put grid lines and windows in the neck. I may add a couple other things to the neck, but probably not much more.

2 responses to “Enterprise Redesign 2020 Pt. 13

  1. Not being a Star Trek follower makes it hard for me to guess, the blue and yellow lights are something I haven’t noticed before . Most of the descriptions are rather like describing engine parts to a non car enthusiast, I just nod my head. The images are fantastic, as blender user and a 3d fan as well as a bit of a sci-fi lover your work inspires me. I had never noticed your name before – It sounded familiar Google came into play – Coldplay that is. Sorry awful pun.

  2. Not too observant I’m afraid. But I suck at where’s Waldo. Second the fantastic images comment, always satisfying to check on your progress. Like your take on the planetary sensor.

    5 plus stars. 😁 πŸ‘

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