A Small Diversion

For people who don’t know this about me, collecting movies is one of my oldest hobbies. It goes back to the days of VHS. But, these days (of course) it’s DVD and Blu-Ray. One of my favorite things that they’ve been doing for about the last 20 years is releasing old TV shows on DVD. (and later Blu-Ray) Sure, you can watch them on streaming, but there are issues with that. More than once, I’ve had internet issues that have caused me to not be able to stream anything. (which is usually when I just pop in a DVD or Blu-Ray) Then there’s my favorite issue, where you’re watching a series on a streaming service and it gets pulled from that service because the rights expired and aren’t going to be renewed. Now, admittedly, I’m not the quickest person when it comes to watching stuff, especially since I do CGI and gaming. Thus, more than once, I’ve had that issue where I was streaming a show and it left the streaming service. Usually, they warn you ahead of time and you know to finish watching whatever you’re watching, but I’m pretty bad about paying attention to that stuff. One such show is Babylon 5. I’ve seen part of the series and I’ve heard so many times how good it is, but I’ve never seen the whole thing. Now I have no excuse to not do so:

So, that boxed set was only $120 on Amazon, free Prime shipping. In fact, I found it yesterday and ordered it and it had 1 day shipping available, so I got it today. According to the listing, it was $120 for all 5 seasons of the show and the 5 made for TV movies. I thought that was a good deal, so I ordered it. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found out it also comes with Crusade, the follow-up series that I learned just then was a thing. 😉 So, for $120, I got all 5 seasons of the show, and the 5 movies, which works out to $20 per season/movie set, and the bonus series Crusade. Not a bad haul. So, if I don’t update my CGI builds anytime soon, know that it’s probably because I’m watching Babylon 5. 😀

6 responses to “A Small Diversion

  1. I have it on dvd bought one session at a time second hand on eBay. Along with thousands of others I sti haven’t watched yet. Lol.

    • Yeah, I’ve got a backlog. 😉 I have watched 8 B5 episodes of the first season and the movie “The Gathering,” which I found out is the pilot episode. Funny how, watching it on streaming, they just go straight to “Midnight on the Firing Line.” Fortunately, I decided to look at IMDb (after I’d watched the first disc) and found out that movie is first, so I watched it between discs 1 and 2. There really aren’t any episodes that refer back to it until the second disc, so at least I didn’t lose many advantages viewing them in that order.

      I remember the days of buying Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD one season at a time, that was rough. Though, before that, there were the DVDs of TOS where you got a couple episodes for $20. Man, both of those were a racket. I paid less for my Blu-Ray set of all of TNG (on sale) than I did for one of those single season DVD boxed sets about 17-18 years ago. And, TOS on Blu-Ray was $50 ($45 with my employee discount) at Walmart a few years ago.

  2. That was a great deal. B5 is amazing with great story telling. I really miss that show. Had the box set (series only, not blu-ray) for years but gave it to a friend. Was not a fan of Crusade but most of the movies were pretty good.


    • Yeah, I’ve never seen the whole series, in fact I don’t think I’ve seen anything past the first season. So, I’m really looking forward to and enjoying this so far.

  3. I truly hope you enjoy the series! I love Babylon 5! Admittedly, JMS is better at the large story arcs than the personal stories, but it is great nonetheless!

    • I read that his big focus was on the larger story. But, I think he wrote some good characters and I’ve watched some good stories with them so far. Londo and G’Kar are my favorites so far. (It’s hard to not consider Andreas Katsulas a favorite in anything he was in) Vir has also been really fun so far. All in all, I think the casting on the show was great and all of the actors have done a great job in the episodes I’ve watched thus far.

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