Enterprise Redesign 2020

So, it’s that time again, time to play around with the TOS Enterprise design. But, rather than just model the ship, (I have one of those) I’m doing a redesign. I’ve done this sort of thing before, but it’s been years and I don’t have those models anymore. Initially, this was going to be a ship in the Kelvin timeline, but as I was working on it, it became more my style than anything else. But, there are some Kelvin inspired bits, such as the saucer section. And, there will be more familiar bits that pop in as I go, since I’m drawing inspiration from a number of sources.

Anyway, everything is pretty preliminary so far, and is subject to change. The main bulk of the saucer, secondary hull and nacelles probably won’t get redone. And, I’ve done the warp pylons twice and am pretty happy with them, so they’re not likely to change. Everything else may get redone, though.

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