Star Trek Phaser

So, don’t ask me why it took me 41 years to get one of these:

For those who haven’t seen these before, Diamond Select Toys makes them. They’ve been making them for years, but the one I got has a 2019 copyright on it. As you can see in the second image, the smaller phaser 1 separates from the phaser 2 pistol, just like on the TV show. The phaser 1 houses most of the electronics. I think the phaser 2 has an LED in it, but that’s about it. When you pull the trigger on the phaser 2, a post goes up and presses the button the phaser 1, making it fire. It’s got, 5 settings: safe, stun, heavy stun, kill and disintegrate, (at least, that’s what I’m guessing they’re supposed to be) each associated by a different pitch sound. (except for safe, obviously) This also causes the light to blink faster or slower, with disintegrate being fastest, and so-on. The dial on the left of the phaser 1 makes the little aiming thingamajig pop up and the dial towards the back of the phaser 2 caused the phaser to overload. which is really cool. The switch towards the front of the phaser 2 swtiches the emitter LED on and off. You can also twist the silver ring around the emitter to make the light more or less intense. Size wise, this is supposedly smaller than the ones on the show, or so some YouTuber said. However, to me, it looks like it’s about the same size, just based on watching episodes where they hold the phasers. The rear of the phaser 2 on the show went just past Leonard Nimoy’s wrist, which is where the toy one goes to on me. So, if it’s smaller, it’s only slightly smaller. Build wise, it feels a little flimsy, but not too bad. Besides, I’m an adult and know how to take care of my stuff. 😉

So, not too bad for $40, with 1 day Amazon Prime shipping. My inner nerd is happy and that’s all that matters. 😀

4 responses to “Star Trek Phaser

    • Not asking why what? Why I have it? That should be obvious. 😉 Why it took so long? That’s actually pretty simple. Every time I’ve looked for TOS phasers, they’ve been either too small or prohibitively expensive. Somehow, I manage to miss re-releases of this stuff. So, by the time I go to look for them they’re usually sold out at a reasonable price and going for more.

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