Exploring 2

I decided the ship was too dark. So, I went in and changed some material settings. I made the hull a lighter color, though I also increased the reflectivity of it and tweaked a few other settings. Then I increased the light strength and re-rendered the ship. I think this looks a lot better.


So, I had this idea to do this image all in one night. Build a ship, make a planet and background and render an image. It went pretty well. The ship took a few hours to do. It’s not necessarily that exciting, but it serves its purpose. The planet took longer than expected. I haven’t made a planet in ages, so it took some time to work some stuff out. Then it took a few hours to render. Anyway, everything was made and rendered in Lightwave 2018. I did some post work in GIMP. but everything else is 100% Lightwave.