USS Sunstreaker WIP, Part 04

It’s not much, but I’ve been playing with a possible way of adding text to the ship using the heat shrink tool in Lightwave. I’ve never used this tool before, but I like it. I may or may not go this route for the final text, but this at least gives me a look at the placement of the text and a visual guide for where it’s going to be when I want to add other details. The only minor drawback to this method is that it “floats” slightly over the hull and casts a shadow, but that’s an easily fixed issue. Other methods include simply texturing it or actually stenciling it onto the hull. Anyway, I did some renders to see how it looks, so I might as well share them.

6 thoughts on “USS Sunstreaker WIP, Part 04

  1. Hi there EG, I just finished a project that had a lot of text on it. A friend of ours off SaberForum asked me to build a holocron and it had the Sith Code embossed around the windows of the frame. I added a text layer then converted the text to a mesh and extruded it to give the text some thickness. Luckily the faces of the holocron were smooth/flat, I just had to rotate each text line so it laid flat. I have used the ShrinkWrap feature in Blender for applying text in the past (with varying success). Another member has now asked me to build him a Chiss inspired Star Destroyer so I am going to have to do a lot of hull panel lines which should be fun. Anyway, your ship is looking good as always.

    • Blender has a sweet modifier called Shrink Wrap, which works pretty much like the tool I used in Lightwave to conform the text to the hull. If you haven’t checked that out, you may want to give it a look. It’s really sweet if you’re dealing with multiple curves and want that text to hug the curves.

  2. I really like this. I like the smaller, economy, ships! I’ve done the float before in Max and you just assign a no shadow to the spline / poly that is text or other decal. I’m too lazy nowadays but they always looked pretty good when done that way.

    • Thanks for looking. Yeah, I know how to make it not cast a shadow. It’s a little different in Lightwave because the software has separate programs. In order to have it not cast a shadow, I’ll have to leave it in a separate layer when I collapse the mesh in Modeler. Then, if I want to animate the ship, I’ll have to make the ship a parent to the text layer in Layout. It’s not difficult or anything, just a step I wouldn’t have to take if I had the text otherwise attached to the ship.

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