USS Sunstreaker WIP, Part 02

I got the basics of the bridge module in. It’s similar to ones I’ve done in the past. It channels some Enterprise refit, Excelsior and Voyager love. This also gives the ship a spine.

And, speaking of spines, mine is requesting that I take a break from working on this and watch the latest episode of Picard, and maybe play some Doom 64 on the XBOX One. OK, my spine isn’t really requesting Picard or Doom, but that’s what’s about to happen. πŸ˜‰

4 responses to “USS Sunstreaker WIP, Part 02

  1. Hi EG, great to see you are working on a new project. I already like the lines of this one. You’re gonna watch Picard?…Make it so! (I couldn’t say Dew it!)

    • Thanks For. Yeah, I watched the most recent episode of Picard. So, only one left in this season. Though, I’ve also been watching TNG on Blu-Ray again recently. Guess which one I like better. πŸ˜‰

      • Hi again, as a true Trekkie I’d hope you liked both series (even if you prefer one over the other – how about that for a non committal answer!) I am intrigued to see how the nacelles turn out, I liked the “hollowed” out appearance, something I hadn’t seen before.

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