The Siege Has Begun

I got a cool backdrop in the mail the other day, so I decided to shoot some pictures of my Siege: War for Cybertron collection. And, I made a slideshow:

My Siege collection is nearly complete. Just a couple more figures to get. Then I’m waiting for the next part of the War for Cybertron Trilogy in 2020, which is called Earthrise. I’ve seen some reviews and the stuff coming up looks great, so I’m excited for it.

2 thoughts on “The Siege Has Begun

  1. Hi there EG180, I hope you had a pleasant Holiday Season and that 2020 will be good for you. Regards your collection it’s really impressive but man it makes me wish I still had the few Transformers I had. I owned a G1 Optimus Prime (I think, it was from the late 80’s and had the heat sensitive faction badge sticker – you rubbed the sticker and the friction heated up the liquid crystal and revealed the Autobot logo). I also had the Aerialbot named Silverbot (Concorde Supersonic jet replica). But I really wanted to get my hands on Sideswipe, the red Lamborghini, that model looked awesome whichever mode it was in…sadly i never did.

    • Thanks For. I hope you had a good Holiday season and have a good 2020 also.

      Optimus Prime with the heat activated rub symbol is from 1985 and later. The 1984 release didn’t have that. I have a 2018 reissue of him, cab only, unfortunately. But, I don’t want to drop what people want to charge for a complete original one on Ebay. Though, the one I have is still an improvement over the garage sale one I had as a kid, which was just the cab with no fists or gun. Unfortunately, it’s very common to find old Optimus Prime toys in that condition because all of the other parts got lost.

      Silverbolt is definitely cool. I would have photographed some of my combiners, but they’re not part of the Siege line, they’re part of the Combiner Wars line from a few years ago. Also, they’re about as tall as my backdrop, which causes issues. Photographing Jetfire required some creative posing, due to that same reason. I’ve got the complete Takara-Tomy Unite Warriors Superion pack, so I have Silverbolt and the gang.

      Sideswipe is definitely cool. I got the one from Siege just recently, that’s the only Sideswipe I ever owned. Unfortunately, it was just way too difficult as a kid in the ’80s to get all of the characters we wanted. But, I had a pretty decent collection back in the day. Unfortuntely, most haven’t survived to this day. 😦

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