TOS Star Trek Part 02

I got the secondary hull mostly done on the Connie. The flattened out areas on the sides and bottom of the front area and the shuttlebay section are the more painful areas for this part. Both require a lot of work and a lot of polygon cleanup. Of course, the windows are also no fun, as each one had to be positioned, cut, inset and rounded. Plus, a few of the round portholes needed a bit of vert cleanup, but that’s to be expected. Other details include the shuttlebay doors, which don’t open, and other assorted bits around the shuttlebay. I figure if I ever want the bay to work, I can always build working doors and the interior. However, I have a bad habit of wasting time making that stuff all work only to never do the actual bay, so I figured I’d just do simple doors that mostly match what’s on the actual model.

The only two things left to do on this section are the navigational deflector and main pylon (neck) that connects it to the saucer. Then, it’s on to the saucer. For those who are wondering, pennants and whatnot will be added in the texture phase. With 4K maps, there’s no real advantage in quality to modeling the stuff, and there’s a lot of cleanup involved in stenciling it on the hull, to say nothing of the work involved in removing a name and registry from a ship. (It’s even worse if the ship has grid lines) Anyway, I’ll draw all of the pennants and other markings in Inkscape and put those onto the texture maps. I figured out textures in Lightwave 2018 earlier. Fortunately, it uses nodes similar to Blender, so I was able to quite quickly figure out how to add a map using the node editor. I successfully applied a color and spec map to one of my older models using LW2018’s Principled BSDF materials. So, I’m stoked about that, as textures are obviously necessary and will make stuff like adding those markings a simple matter for me. 🙂