AMD Lawsuit

So, sometimes something too funny happens and you just have to comment on it. Apparently, AMD has settled to the tune of $12.1 million in their big “Bulldozer” lawsuit in the fine state of California. That may seem like a lot, until you realize it’s a class action lawsuit and the “average” payout per person is expected to be to the tune of $35.

Full story here: (opens in a new tab)

Wow, that was sure worth it! Now, why is this funny? Because I have one of those processors. (but I didn’t purchase mine from AMD or in California)

Now, I think we all need to be honest here. We knew all along those processors didn’t really have 8 cores. It’s a hyper threaded 4 core. I bought mine on a Cyber Monday sale back in 2012, so I got a great deal on it. Also, it’s a really good processor. I’ve used it for many a CGI render and it handles rendering like a champ. I just think it’s funny that people sue over this kind of thing. I mean, that payout of $35 is so huge! 😛

2 thoughts on “AMD Lawsuit

  1. In the course of my career I’ve been involved in a couple of class actions. It is lawyers looking for things just like this that can be won on the ‘behalf ‘ of harmed consumers. They know the payout to the injured is never going to be material. They, on the other hand, usually get around 25 to 30 percent from the general fund. These are seldom Erin Brockovich causes.

    • Yeah, I was thinking the only people getting serious money here are the lawyers. It says in that article that they agreed to take “no more than 30%” of the money, but that’s still up to $3.63 million for lawyers’ fees and expenses. That’s a big chunk of change.

      This is actually (at least) the second class action lawsuit that’s covered computer equipment I’ve bought. My first computer had a shitty floppy drive. Years later, I got a card in the mail saying there had been a class action lawsuit for that drive and I could claim some money. I knew it wouldn’t be much, so I just tossed the card.

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