24th Century Cruiser Part 09

So, despite my claim that I was done with this for now, I can’t help but be nitpicky. My escape pod hatches were bothering me. What really bugged me was that some of them were close to the phaser arrays. However, while I was fixing those, I decided to tighten up the spacing on them all, to put them in tight groups.

Anyway, I think it looks less sloppy. Each pod holds up to six people and there are 36 pods (so far) on the top of the saucer, allowing 216 people to abandon ship using these pods. Of course, more will come on other parts of the ship, and possibly more on the saucer top.

2 responses to “24th Century Cruiser Part 09

  1. Currently away from home will read you last few posts when I have access to a bigger screen. My phone does no justice to your amazing work.

    • I know what you mean. For about two weeks, all I had to view the internet on was my phone. I was looking at some great work by friends of mine and it just wasn’t as good as my 21.5″ 1080p monitor.

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