24th Century Cruiser Part 08

So, one last update before I call it a day. I’ve been thinking about how to add text to the ship. Of course, textures are always an option. However, I’ve heard good things about the “Shrinkwrap” modifier. So, I modeled the name and registry and used that to make it follow the curvature of the saucer. 🙂

One response to “24th Century Cruiser Part 08

  1. Hi EG180, yes the “Shrinkwrap” modifier is really nice. I just used it recently to add a Jedi logo onto an emitter shroud so it appeared embossed, and the folks on SaberForum liked it when I posted a picture of it. I will leave a copy of the picture here so you can have a look.

    This emitter is modified from my jedi Fallen Order inspired hilt I built. Thanks for sharing your progress pics once again.

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