24th Century Cruiser Part 01

So, it’s that time again. I’ve started another ship. Hopefully, I’ll actually finish this one, as I have a bad habit lately of starting and not finishing things. Though, I’ve switched to Blender, so anything I was working on in Lightwave, including that Enterprise model, won’t be finished. That’s just how these things go. I’ve fought with getting Lightwave to work with Linux, but it just won’t. The license won’t install correctly. I found out on their forums that it has to do with the fact that there’s no Windows firewall. Lightwave 2018 uses a network render service by default. Even if you don’t use this feature, you can’t install the license without the firewall activated. But, such is life.

So, moving on. I had the urge to do something from the 24th century. I decided to do a cruiser, the same overall design and layout of the Constitution class, in fact it’s even about the same size as a Connie refit. Design elements are a blend of Connie-R, Excelsior and Ambassador. By 24th century standards, this would be a smaller cruiser, when stacked up against the Excelsior and Ambassador.

Most of the main elements are at least started. There’s more work to be done, of course, but the overall layout is there. There’s been a lot of pushing vertices and subdividing to get to this part. Everything is box modeled, as messing with splines is a pill.

Anyway, more to come on this (hopefully.)