New Beginnings?

So, I’ve started a new project. This is a project on multi fronts as I’m once again trying Blender. I’m also trying a different Linux distribution than the one I’ve been using for years. I’m trying Solus OS, which is an independent rolling release OS, meaning it never needs to be reinstalled, it can be updated endlessly. This has a lot of advantages over most Linux distributions, which are good for a few years at most, then they reach end of life and never get any more security updates. So far, the testing of Solus is going well, I’m 3 days in and have had no major issues.

Anyway, my reasons for trying Blender again are several. One is (obviously) the fact that it’s cross platform, so no reliance on Windows. I booted up to Windows the other day and my hard drive was being accessed continuously. I didn’t have the TV on, so I could hear it making noise. I looked at the task manager and couldn’t find out what was accessing the drive, so I rebooted back into Linux. But, even with my on again off again romance with Windows, the main reason I’m trying Blender again is Lightwave itself. I upgraded to Lightwave 2018 last year and things seemed immediately better than Lightwave 10, which was several years older. However, I ran into some issues, the worst of which being issues rendering anything using reflections. Rendering with reflections causes white dots (fireflies) to appear on the object. This hasn’t been fixed, and I have the latest version of Lightwave 2018, which is 2018.7. So, in 7 revisions this hasn’t been fixed. I use reflections a lot, and they’re necessary to the way I do bussard collectors. So, them not working is a no-go for me. I have no guarantee that they’ll be fixed in Lightwave 2019. I could try a demo, but it’s a $400 upgrade, and the last $400 upgrade didn’t go so well. I could, of course, just go back to Lightwave 10, but I decided to try Blender again first.

Deciding on something to build first in Blender was a challenge. I was going to modify one of the designs from Discovery to look more TOS era appropriate, but decided not to do that first. Then I looked at the Saladin-class destroyer, but also decided not to do that. (I’ll do that after I inevitably build a TOS Enterprise) So, I decided to go back to the pre-TOS era and do a Daedalus-class. I loaded up Masao Okazaki’s schematics for the ship and planned to do a canon model, but then decided to switch tracks and do my own thing with it. I’m not very far, but I have the main shapes blocked in:

Amazingly, I still remember a lot of keyboard shortcuts for Blender. Some of them are more sensible than the ones in Lightwave, just as I like some of the tools in Blender better. But, I like some Lightwave tools better too, so it’s a give and take. More progress will come as it happens, I’m gone from the house a lot of hours for work each week. (over 55 hours a week)


4 thoughts on “New Beginnings?

  1. Hi EG180,

    Blender may not have all the bells and whistles of Lightwave or other paid for software but I find it really releases the creative process or in your case makes modelling to blueprints much more simple and fun. The shortcuts as you say are so intuitive that I find myself trying to scroll and zoom other applications using Blender inputs!
    And I have managed to reduce the number of “flies” on my renders using the Light Paths option (using Min/Max reflections and the “No Caustics” feature)

    Looking forward to seeing where this ship goes.

  2. I gave up C4d and moved to blender as I can ask questions about blender, my C4D was old – sure i can get a pirate version, but I gave up dodgy software a few years ago. I am considering a rolling release Linux myself. I too work over 47+ hours a week. Windows 10 is so glitchy.

    • I only actually work 40 hours, but I’m there 9 hours a day (I get an hour for lunch) and there’s commute time.

      I gave up pirate software too, several years ago. Most of the stuff I use these days is open source. I like it and I like the price. About the only software I still pay for is games, and I usually buy Linux compatible games.

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