Badges? We don’t need no….

No, seriously, badges are cool. Especially when you’re talking about Star Trek badges. I used to see where they’d sell the Star Trek badges and rank pins, etc, especially back in the ’90s, but I could never buy them back then, being a teenager and all. Plus, that was before online shopping and you had to mail order a lot of stuff like this. But, now we have Ebay. I found this little beauty on there:


Now, the copyright on the back is 1992 and the seller says it’s new. I know these were produced for a number of years, so it’s possible to have unopened stock from back then. It’s also possible this is a recast copy from China. I really have no idea. It wasn’t in any kind of packaging, but I don’t know if they always were, especially if they were for a convention or something. I’ve seen some stuff like this selling on there with the old “Star Trek: The Experience” packaging. I know a lot of stuff like this was officially reproduced for that. Either way, I like it, it’s cool. I love the TWOK style uniforms, and I’ve always liked this badge. I’d love to have a TWOK style jacket, but I don’t see that happening. All the ones I’ve seen are prohibitively expensive, plus I have issues finding jackets with long enough sleeves. If they’re not available in tall sizes, it’s a crap shoot. So, I’ll be content with the pin. 🙂

By the way, getting a pic of this was a bitch because it’s so shiny. The flash just made it dark, so I had to take the pic without it. Having it not reflect my phone and everything else was a chore too. So, I took a photo in relatively low light and then played with the brightness and contrast in GIMP.