Enterprise Test Renders

This is why we do test renders.

I did some to test my window cuts in the teardrop. You can see some slight “pinching” around the round window in that last pic. This is caused by the angles of the faces and a few other things. I’ve got a plan to fix that, but if it doesn’t work I may just have to take that window out. Fortunately, I have an incremental save file with the unmarked teardrop, so I can just delete the window and then replace those faces, then try it again.


5 thoughts on “Enterprise Test Renders

  1. Hi EG180, I sometimes get this problem on my sabers (usually when I have used the Solidy modifier in Blender). I think you should be able to smooth it out by working the topology and/or using loopcuts around the window (so you can isolate the cutout and create quads instead of tri faces around…then make sure the normals are still correct).

    • I appreciate the suggestion, but I already fixed it by simply moving the window a few centimeters forward. It was cut into four faces that are at very odd angles, it’s now only cut into two faces.

      That section of the ship is very oddly shaped, and it’s always rough getting windows and other details cut into odd shapes like that. There are a lot of nonplanar faces, or at least there were before I converted them from quads to triangles. But, this is far from my first Enterprise model, so I handled it. πŸ˜‰

      • Hi again, I thought you would but I was just having a “Kobayashi Maru” moment and testing myself to see if I could have fixed it with my method!
        It was this type of geometry that I tried to build using the free version of SketchUp but that didn’t go so well. Switching to Blender has been the best decision I have made.

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