Enterprise 2019

Just a little something I’ve been working on for the past few hours. I haven’t done one of these in several years, so I’m having fun. 🙂

There’s still a lot to do, but I got a lot of the tedious stuff out of the way. If you’ve never built the secondary hull on this ship, you’re missing out. 😉


6 thoughts on “Enterprise 2019

  1. Hi there, now this is what reminds me I need to keep on practising my 3D modelling! A few hours work? I might be able to make this in about a day’s work and then do the texturing/compositing afterwards! Looks good.
    p.s. How do you shape the cutaway under the landing bay platform? I’d be interested to know as it looks like the Graflex emitter S-curve and I’m having difficulty get the shape right on a saber I’m working on.

    • Thanks For. A few hours is more like 8, by the way. I pretty much worked on it all night because I took this week off of work. I’ve done one of these in 3 days before, but many of the details such as the registry and other markings were in the textures and I took some other shortcuts. I forget his name, but there used to be someone who posted on the CGI forums who said he could build a Connie in about a day or less. It may have just been a few hours for him.

      For the shuttlebay, cutouts, I took a couple cylinders and modified them to the shapes I needed and used the Booleans to remove them. For the S-curve on the back of the nacelle(s), I actually just drew the curve with the spline tool, extruded it and then used the booleans again to remove that. Of course, there was some polygon and point cleanup to follow. I’m actually not quite done with the nacelle end caps, as the edge hasn’t been rounded yet.

      • Hi again, haha yes that’s more like the timeframe I take for a saber now. Lucky for me there isn’t usually a lot of text on sabers (unless I purposely put it there).

        I thought you might have used Booleans, that’s how I create the cut-out windows on emitters. I’ll just have to persevere till I nail the shape. Thanks for the advice!

      • Lightwave also has a tool called Solid Drill, which I never found an equivalent for exactly how it works in Blender. It’s a great tool, especially if I want to add modeled text and markings to a hull, I can use the Solid Drill to stencil them on. Sometimes, I use that for cuts like that, but I decided to use the Booleans this time. Both have considerable cleanup, but I think the work is less with the Booleans than Solid Drill. For doing these kind of cuts, if I just stencil the shape of the cut on, I have to then remove the faces I don’t need and build new ones where I need them.

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