Two More Sabers

So, when you start a serious saber hobby, obviously you need to keep it fresh. Or, at least that’s the excuse I use to keep buying this stuff. πŸ˜›

So, I ordered an Archon 2.1 hilt from Ultrasabers recently. It’s a really nice Luke Skyalker/Ben Kenobi inspired saber. I’m doing some mods to it, like adding a Graflex clamp to it to make it look more like the ones from the movies:


Anyway, that’s a work in progress.

So, I ordered that saber unassembled. When you do that, Ultrasabers sends you the stuff in a box. I got all the parts for a stunt, but I wanted a saber with sound. So, later, I ordered a Nano Biscotte V4 from The custom Saber shop, intent on building the Archon with that setup. Then they went and released a new Nano setup, with a power extender (for RGB installs) and a battery/speaker holder installed. So, I switched tracks to wanting that for the Archon. That left me with some parts laying around. I had hilts already, so I built two sabers:

Those were both a lot of fun to do, even with the issues I had with the Xiphos. (it happens) To me, this stuff is more fun right now than CGI. It’s hands on and I’m left with some cool stuff to play with when I’m done. Without a 3D printer, there’s nothing physical to be had from CGI. Plus, I took an electrical course in high school in 1994, I might as well put some of the skills from that floating credit to good use. πŸ˜‰


5 thoughts on “Two More Sabers

  1. hey dude, Nadesico from SFM. Long time no see.

    Looking at throwing myself back into 3d myself, been nearly 6 years since i touched Maya or Lightwave. Was curious if you stuck with blender or went back to Maya. I’m at that crossroads myself of whether i pay for the proper tool or just use freeware.


    • I’ve never used Maya. I tried Blender for a while, but I went back to Lightwave. However, Lightwave 2018 has been a bit of a disappointment, so I’m thinking of trying Blender again.

      Personally, I feel that Blender is super powerful and if you can use it and it will work for you, you should definitely use it. At the very least, try it and see how it is. I started out using Truespace but then switched to Lightwave. I wish now that I’d switched to Blender. As a hobby artist, it’s the best tool out there for the best price. Lightwave costs hundreds of dollars, and I know Max and Maya are in the thousands. That’s too much for hobby level work, in my humble opinion.

      • Cool, thanks for the advice.

        I dove into blender (because I can’t afford LW or Maya :P) and i seem to be getting a handle on it for a while, maybe because my last exposure to LW was LW7.5

        You should come back to SFM by the way, it’s relaunched and has discord πŸ˜‰

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