Starship Revamp, Pt. 04

I didn’t get as much done over the weekend as I would have liked, but I had other things occupying my time. I think I have most of the materials where I want them. All that’s left is to do some fresh greebles and the name and registry. The nacelles still have the old registry.





I haven’t decided yet if the bussard lights are going to blink. They probably will, it’s not hard to do and adds a bit more of a TOS look to the ship.

3 responses to “Starship Revamp, Pt. 04

  1. Great work again EG180, you just need a couple of hairdryer motors for the bussard effects!
    I have managed to get my renders looking a bit more respectable by using a filter to limit the number of times a light path can reflect and it brought the amount of caustic noise down.
    And congrats I noticed you have 100 followers now!

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