Starship Revamp, Pt. 01

So, I promised a return to CGI, and here it is.

A few years ago, I was part of a doomed fan film. It was called Star Trek: Equinox. This was around the time of the whole Axanar thing, where they bit the hand and crowd funded over $1,000,000 and hired a bunch of professional talent to work on the film, forcing CBS to create a bunch of new rules for fan films. Anyway, this other film was being worked on a the same time as Axanar, but it was being done considerably less professionally. I was the model maker, and there was a bunch of bickering and bullshit behind the scenes. Also, because the guy running the show kept pissing off effects artists, (among other people) I had to do a lot of the animation and rendering for the trailers too, despite just originally wanting to make models for it. (and, let me say, people on Facebook can be real motherf***ers when your stuff isn’t as good as professional artists) Anyway, I wasn’t very happy with the project, which wound up imploding due to a lot of the BTS stuff, as well as the guy running the project and his tendency towards pissing people off.

Anywho, this is the model I built to be the main ship of the show:





Anyway, after a few years, I’m over all of the shit that went down during that failed film, and I’m ready to actually do something with this model. Since I was never compensated for my time on that film, the model is mine and mine alone. So, I’m going to do something with it. Obviously, this is very similar to the model I started a while back, which was being built based on the same model a this one. So, I figured, why build that ship when I already have one? Anyway, I got it out of my Dropbox and loaded it into Lightwave 2018 and did some totally non optimized renders.

There’s a lot of work to be done with this model. The name and registry need to be removed. Unfortunately, they’re stenciled into the hull. I also want to redo some of the details. And, the materials will need to be fixed for Lightwave 2018. But, it’s a start, and I don’t have to build a whole new model.

9 responses to “Starship Revamp, Pt. 01

  1. Can relate to the whole failed fan film scenario – I’ve had both Starship Ajax and Challenger fold on me for various reasons, leaving me with nothing but some shiny models to show for it. Heck, even Richard Hatch’s “Great War of Magellan” was a tale of overbearing ambition…
    Will be good to see what you do with the Equinox.

    • It’s weird, because you think about how many film and TV projects fail, but it’s just weird being involved in one. (or, in your case, multiple ones) When you think about it, there are a lot more people who know that pain.

      I just wish the people involved in the one I was on were more interested in making good Star Trek than other stuff. Plus, I heard the guy in charge did a lot of weird stuff and made a lot of people unhappy. That’s not a good way to run a show.

  2. Hi EG180, in this universe/galaxy/Facebook there are the people who can, and people who talk about. You are firmly in the category of people who CAN design, model, render, animate and basically produce the film in this case! The majority of people admires your work and a small minority will do the talking hate/shade thing (it’s their problem not yours). Keep up with this project as it looks good.

    • Oh, I’m not at all worried about people on Facebook. I (reluctantly) joined while that fan film project was on and I quit FB when it went up in smoke. I know a lot of people on there are nothing but assholes hiding behind keyboards. Some are just trolls.

      I certainly don’t have the skills to make a movie. Though, if I ever get involved in one again, I want to make sure it’s with people who are passionate about what they’re doing and not just looking for a paycheck.

  3. Your a brave man for even getting involved in a project, I have seem so many fail, not just CGI but fan films of all types. Mild mannered people grow egos out of all proportion. Its a Cool Model. We are fans not paid professionals. Keep up the good work, Images like your have inspired me to learn how 3d software. They fuel the dreams of my very normal life.

    • It was something to try. Though, at that time there was a lot of pressure to try and come up with stuff that compared to other fan films being produced with professional talent. I’m glad CBS made a rule that fan films can’t use professionals. They should be made by fans, for fans. Some of the best fan films I’ve seen haven’t been the ones with the best effects, or even the best acting. They’ve been the ones with the most heart.

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