3 More Sabers

Damn, it’s been a backlog around here. I’ve gotten a lot of saber related stuff lately. Anyway, the last of it is all filmed, photographed and reviewed. So, here it goes:

Ultrasabers Dominix LE V4


So, that’s what this saber looked like when I first got it, back in early 2017. It was a lucky raffle prize from the first raffle of 2017 from Ultrasabers. It was a 3rd place prize, a stunt saber with lithium ion batteries. For a long time now, I’ve wanted to add sound to it. Due to my issues with my Prophecy that had sound, I put the soundboard inside this hilt. This is the result:

So, that was a fun little project, my 3rd saber build/rebuild of the weekend. And, after that, I reviewed a couple of sabers I had purchased recently.

YDD Tiny Saber

There’s not much more to say than what was said in the video. This is a saber I’ve seen around the web and wanted one for a while. However, high shipping from Hong Kong (Pach Store) and not any better from the US (Spartan Sabers) and not much better from the US (Saberforge) made me not buy it. And, I’m glad I didn’t buy it from those stores. It popped up in my Amazon recommendations because I bought a Jedi costume on there. It’s also available in silver and gold finish on the hilt itself, and a variety of blade colors. I wanted a gold one with a red blade, but the gold ones aren’t being fulfilled by Amazon and cost more, so I went with a black hilt. Here are a couple pics next to my Green Prophecy:



And, Finally:

Ultrasabers Prophecy V3 in Consular Green


This was a stunt purchase from Ultrasabers during a flash sale. It was kind of an impulse buy. Anyway, a video:

And, some pics:







And, in staff configuration with my other Prophecy:


Anyway, that’s all I have. It’s been a big weekend for lightsabers. Soon, more CGI. (I swear)


3 thoughts on “3 More Sabers

  1. Hi EG180, a CG Prophecy! That was what I was planning on getting when I bought my first hilt. It was a coin toss between the Prophecy and SF’s Disciple. But at the time, the fact the Champion tier SF hilt had 12W Led, recharge port, covertech and leather wrap as a full package sold it for me over having to add those parts to a base hilt from US. I will get a Prophecy one day.

    • Heh, you don’t need to explain it to me, brother. The SF Disciple was almost my first SF purchase, before I saw the Prodigy. I did get an Acolyte off of the SF Etsy store, which is basically the same hilt without the wrap. 🙂

      • I’m also a sucker for the old Reptile Wrap so was swayed the Disciple route. It’s amazing how similar tastes we seem to have, I have the Disciple, you the Acolyte, we both have OR SSQy hilts and you have the Prophecy which I want! BTW regards Qui-Gon’s hilt your blade plugs (the one you had in the Shock) would look great in the Consular, would give it the flat face on the emitter when not on.

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