It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… stunt saber!



For people who missed it in my last saber, I had to gut this saber. I hate it wired with a Nano Biscotte V4 and I had the LED wired for flash on clash (FoC.) Well, the 18650 battery and speaker holder were just too tight a fit inside the hilt, so I took all that out. These things happen with saber building. I have a plan that involves a different battery setup, but I lack funds.

The LED is still wired for FoC, so I twisted the FoC and main wires together and soldered them to a common negative going back to the battery. The result is kind of a frost blue. It’s not quite Arctic blue, because there’s no green in it, so it’s even more pale. But, I like it. Fortunately, I had a couple 16mm silver latching AV switches laying around, and a black one. I messed up one of the silver ones, so I had to switch to the other. But, it’s all good. The battery is an 18650 in a simple holder I got off of Ebay. Ironically, it’s the holder that the chassis I ordered was designed to work with. And, I slapped an Aeon V3 pommel on it since the pommel that came with it is on my Dark Standard issue, and has been appropriately scuffed to match the treatment I gave the hilt.

And, I have twins, almost:


Aside from one being light blue and the other being green, the other main difference is the pommel. However, there’s an interesting difference as well, that was done long before either saber went to assembly. Note the differences in the lower shine through hole locations:


Anyway, I found that interesting. That’s all I have for now.


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  1. Hey US moved the window at last! Usually the LED module blocked the lower window (especially if the saber had sound installed) I think they must have seen what Etsy seller Alan Cheong did with the Prophecies he resells. But that blue looks great even without the green shade, it’s almost A New Hope Graflex blue before Lucas remastered the effects! (When the blade looked almost white) Great pair of hilts, I’m gonna go now and dream of getting one at least.

      • Oh, ok…interesting as you say. I had read on the US forum a few people wished that the window was moved, just surprised they haven’t standardised a position yet, Anyway they still make a nice pair.

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