Future Sabers

So, this is a saber company I’ve been wanting to try and finally did. Future Sabers.


And, now that I have one, I’m glad I did. Of course, now the have the all black one in stock. When I ordered, they only had the all silver and silver and black. But, that’s OK. Anyway, it’s a really nice saber. But, I’ll let the video do the talking:


7 thoughts on “Future Sabers

  1. Hi EG180, I saw Future Sabers about a year back too when I was looking for a hilt to get ready for TLJ (it’s nearly 3 yrs since I bought my last installed saber ;( ) I unfortunately had to pass on getting an FS as I think they didn’t ship to the UK at that time.
    Regarding the T8 lighting tube for insulating your electronics sled/chassis, you can carefully slice down the length of the tube (like a hot dog bun) so one edge can overlap the other making the OD smaller. A few dabs of Hot Glue or pieces of tape should hold the tube in it’s narrowed shape.
    I have to say before I finish I like that Cyan LED, it actually looks like cyan to me. And it might be me getting old but that blade appeared to scroll up Neo-Pixel style on ignition. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks For. Yeah, unfortunately, some sellers don’t want to ship internationally. šŸ˜¦

      I certainly knew about that trick with the tubing, it just wasn’t a priority for me. I have plenty of sabers without it, and they work fine. I covered the electronics parts on the board with electrical tape, leaving only a tiny opening in the back for accessing the MicroSD card. The tape will prevent the board from hitting the aluminum and shorting out.

      The Plecter Labs boards have a gradient turn on, where the LED comes slowly over time, as opposed to instant on. You can customize it, but by default it’s set to the length of your power on sound. It’s not quite as “scrolling” in real life, but it’s quite cool, and is one of the many reasons I use their boards exclusively.

      • Doh! Forgot about that “triggered/delayed” ignition! I like the idea of simplicity with the NBv4 but I would miss having the Aux Fx so I’m still considering the Spark 2 (plus bridging the connections of the main board to the extender should be fun!), Thanks for the reminder, I’m going to check out your Prophecy V3 post now, I love that hilt as it was the one I looked at with the Sentinel V4 as possible US purchases when I got my first hilt.

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