All My Lightsabers

So, my lightsaber collection continues to grow. Including empties, I have 31 sabers. I’m not ashamed of this, #32 is already planned out. It’s no worse and a hell of a lot less expensive than people who have collecting cars as a hobby. And, it’s less expensive and healthier than booze, cigarettes and drugs. (sabers are my drug)

Anyway, I did a video last night showing all 31 sabers:

I wanted some music that wasn’t going to get me in copyright trouble. Fortunately, I remembered an Android app called Nodebeat. So, I generated my own music with it. Also, I called upon none of my 18 (or so) years of CGI experience for this. The animations and effects are 100% Openshot video editor.


4 thoughts on “All My Lightsabers

  1. Hi EG, really great collection and a lot bigger than I imagined. When we first conversed I thought you had around a half dozen – 31 is most impressive. Regards to music, you should chat with our friend Lord Sidious, he had a line in “Lounge Jazz” tunes for his videos, he might tell you where he got them. Hope your sabers serve you well and good luck with number 32!

    • Thanks For. Yeah, it really came into focus over the weekend, when I cleaned and organized a lot of stuff. I’m like: OK, now what to do with all these sabers…

      Though, to be honest, some of those Ultrasabers empties I have plans for, others may just stay empty and tucked away somewhere.

      • Well, if you need more space I have a few shelves in my cave to store a couple of your sabers…oh you mean what to do with them in the video! (And an update on my SSQy build, basically it’s stalled. My mother in law had a fall recently and injured herself and so I’ve had to spend a lot of cash on travelling back and forth to help care for her. So I’m collecting empties too!)

      • Sorry to hear about your mother in law.

        I can relate on having to shift money from sabers to more important stuff. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to not buy a saber or component due to lacking funds.

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