Buying Used

Ah, the trials and tribulations of buying used stuff online.





See it? See what they did? I didn’t notice it until I put the disc in my XBOX 360 and saw the menu.


2 thoughts on “Buying Used

  1. Had to wait until I was on a pc too see it. So Annoying. I to have had my fair share of poor goods, Always from Small private Sellers on Ebay. The fun and games Stopped my buying most things there, and sourcing them via amazon or Facebook, groups and market place.

    • I’ve had issues with Ebay, few and far between. Mostly, “tested” Gamecube games not working. I have a list to avoid. Usually, no issues with fulfilled by Amazon marketplace items. Probably an honest mistake. They’re cheap and I don’t drive, so I bought another and it’s the correct disc. Easier than trying to get to the post office. I’ll see if a friend wants the incorrect disc.

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