Work Continues…

Well, I’ve been working on the warp nacelles. I still have more stuff to jam into the insides, but it’s a start. I spent a fair amount of time playing with material settings in Layout to get the bussard collectors right. I also played with some of the other materials. I’ll probably not have the ship quite this reflective in the end, but it’s fine for now.

Oh, and for those wondering, I’m not even worried about this fitting in with any established Star Trek canon. I’m just doing my own thing.

4 responses to “Work Continues…

    • Thanks bro. Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of doing canon stuff. I thought about a couple projects, but I would have wound up changing things to make stuff fit or to make it a more believable fictional space ship, so I just decided to build a new ship.

    • Windows 10 is tolerable. But, I want to run Windows software and I hate messing with WINE. I’m probably going to set up a dual boot soon, though. There’s some software that runs better in Linux.

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