Another Lightsaber

Yep, it’s another lightsaber. (waits for the shocked gasps, doesn’t hear any, shrugs and goes on) This is a different one for me. Most of the sabers I own are from Ultrasabers or Saberforge, and I’ve only done installs on hilts from those two companies. Well, after someone in the lightsaber community linked to the Etsy page for this company, I decided to try One Replicas. One Replicas is a bit different of a company in that they make hilts that are intended to be fought with that are also very thin. Most companies try some approximation of the dimensions from the movies, but this one seems to be geared more towards the size of a sword grip. The outer diameter is 1.25″. I have hilts with that number as the inner diameter. The inner diameter on this one where the bulk of the electronics go is 25cm, which is just under 1″. The blade holder area, which also houses the LED, is 1″, to accommodate standard 1″ blades and LED heat sinks. So, needless to say, this thing is tiny on the inside. So, without further ado, I present the SSQy by One Replicas:

As you can see, the hilt is based on Qyui-Gon Jinn’s saber from Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The LED is a Tri CREE XP-E2 in all greens, so it’s super bright:

The blade I have in there is a 32-inch V4 Infinity Edge blade from Saberforge. The blade goes in pretty deeply. It was a brand new blade, so here’s a look at the dimple:

As you can see, it’s pretty deep. The retention screw is on the very end of the emitter. I did a quick measurement and from the tip of the emitter to the LED, which is also held in by a retention screw, the depth is just over 3″. So, a pretty deep blade socket, great for people who like to duel. Speaking of measurements, here are some quick specs on the hilt:

Length: 11.25″ (from tip of emitter to end of pommel)
Width: approx 1.25″ (grip area, emitter and pommel are thicker)

My install doesn’t have sound, though the pommel is vented for it. I was going to put in a Nano Biscotte, and I even ordered a chassis from the company that makes the saber on Shapeways. It was a prototype and it didn’t work out. I couldn’t get an 18650 battery inside it, where you’d assume one goes and, in the process of trying to make it fit and then take it out, I snapped the chassis in two. Granted, I could have gone on and done something with it, but I instead decided to just wire it up with light only. So, I went with an all one color LED for maximum brightness and put in a keystone battery holder for a removable 18650:

It’s a pretty tight fit getting that inside the hilt, but it goes in very snugly. At least it won’t move on me. The bit of gray twisted wire on the end is to pull it out when I need to charge the battery. The switch was another issue. I was dumb enough to order the hilt without a switch, thinking it would be easy to get a red one. Well, it turns out 12mm anti vandal switches that aren’t silver or black are hard to come by. So, I ordered a couple red ones from the company that makes the saber, and went with the super low profile one for my install. I’ll probably use the other one in a Saberforge hilt. Anyway, the switch is momentary, so under the tape on the battery holder is a momentary to latching converter board, so that the saber stays on when I hit the button. It was my first time using that board and it works perfectly, as does the entire saber. So, overall, I’m very happy with this project, even if it is a super tight install.


4 thoughts on “Another Lightsaber

  1. Hello EG180, congrats on getting this far with your install. That Tri Grn/Grn/Grn is real nice and is almost tempting me to do that with my Qy but I’m hoping to put a Spark2 in my install. I am gonna have to improvise with a “chassis” though! I hope your saber serves you long and well!

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