I Did a Thing…

So, I did something yesterday:

I’ve been thinking of getting an XBOX One for a little while now. Yes, I’m a Linux user, but I don’t hate Microsoft, I just don’t like Windows, their game consoles are great. My 360 is several years old now and it has a 60GB hard drive. That was OK, but digital games take up more space than they used to. So, I figured I’d upgrade. I looked at new 360 E consoles on the odd chance they would be cheaper. Nope. For about the price of a 1TB XBOX One S, I could get a 4GB 360. A 360 with decent storage was more than the One S. So, I figured I’d get a One S with my Federal tax return. Then I was on the official XBOX site yesterday and I saw that Microsoft was having a deal where, if you bought an XBOX One directly from them you got a free game. I love free, so I took a look. No need to wait for my Federal return, I crunched some numbers and decided I could afford one. The XBOX One X is $499, but I don’t need one of those. It has beefier hardware and is designed for 4K TVs. Well, I have a 1080p TV, so no need for the One X. Besides, the One S can output to 4K, but it’s not designed around 4K like the One X is. But, the One X was out of my price range anyway. The One S, on the other hand, was totally affordable. I looked at a couple 1TB bundles that were $299, but the one I wanted wasn’t in stock. So, I kept going back to that Halo bundle. I love me some Halo, so that was calling to me. Sure, it’s only a 500GB system, but I can always add an external hard drive later. So, I put that in my cart.

When it came time to select my free game, there were a lot of good games there. However, Star Wars: Battlefront II was calling to me, so I selected that. However, that wasn’t all, it let me pick a second free game! So, I selected Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection, as I’ve been wanting to dive into some Assassin’s Creed for some time now. So, everything in the picture was $279 plus tax, shipping was free. And, it’s super cool that the two free games are physical copies, I was expecting download codes, like I got with the bundled Halo games. They always tell you that free shipping is 3-7 day, hoping you’ll pay for more expensive options. Nope, I’ll way. It turns out the wait wasn’t long. Less than 24 hours, in fact. I saw that FedEx truck pull up front, hurriedly disarmed the security system and unlocked the door. (and maybe freaked out the driver a bit, but he’ll survive) Anyway, I took it out of the plain box, posed it, snapped a pic and then tore into it. (not literally, I opened it like a civilized person) So, it’s hooked up where my 360 was and it’s updating right now. I have to go to work in a bit, but I’m looking forward to doing some game play after work.

So, I’ve never ordered anything physical from Microsoft before, just digital stuff. I’ve got to say, I’m pretty darn impressed with their service.

4 responses to “I Did a Thing…

  1. Hi EG180, So consoles are quicker than sabers huh? Better not let any of your friends hear you say that! It’s good to see you got a bargain. Sadly I gave up on gaming when I was “ripped-off” with an old WWE Smackdown/Raw game on PS. I bought the PS version and completed 99.9% of the game then it told me I had to buy the f’n PS Portable version to unlock the last character in the game and then transfer the game save to complete the whole game! I said no thanks after that.

    • Hey bro, Sabers are awesome. However, the next saber I’m looking to get is a more expensive one from SaberForge, probably $500 or more. The XBOX One was more attainable. Though, I did almost buy another Mystery Saber from them the night before, but I decided against it. I did mention that on the SaberForge forum and Brax seemed cool with it. He totally understood that it was XBOX time, not saber time. 😉

      I get your frustration with games. A lot of newer games want you to spend more money. If you’re a completionist, it definitely can bite into your wallet. Even just to get all of the achievements on my XBOX 360 games, there will usually be something like “Win a match in multiplayer” as an achievement. Most multiplayer in modern games is done online, and playing online on a modern game console usually requires paying a monthly fee. Thanks but no thanks. Fortunately, I don’t go for 100% on the achievements, but that’s mostly because of stuff like that.

      • You know me too well EG180, I am a bit of a perfectionist (don’t get me started on Gran Turismo, I finished that with ALL gold licenses and unlocked everything, when I finished playing I still had 24 million in “prize money”!) I also completed every WWE game up till that point I mentioned.
        And regarding sabers, it’s your money my friend spend it how you see fit. SF have no say over what you do. I learnt that after getting trolled and having nothing done about it when I reported it. So I set up my own site and I am much happier now. If anything happens again I’ll just leave the forum for good!
        Anybody tries to troll me here I’ll just DELETE the comment, it’s great being the Administrator of your own domain! (BTW none of the WordPress family here have trolled me just other saber fans(?) on the forum)

      • Heh, if anybody wants to troll me, they won’t like my response. Suffice to say, in the almost nine years this blog has been live, there are maybe a handful of comments (not spam) that haven’t been published because I don’t accept trolls on my blog.

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