Graflex Pt. 01

Well, it’s starting to look more like a lightsaber:

I knew the grips had adhesive on them, but I thought the screws also held them in place. Nope, they’re entirely decorative. They only go into the plastic, not into the metal. Anyway there’s not much else I can do with this thing until I get more parts. Though, I do need to figure out what to do about this:

I have a few ideas. It’s one of those things people don’t mention when they talk about these hilt kits.


7 thoughts on “Graflex Pt. 01

  1. Hi EG180,
    I believe there is a trick to tighten the clamp which involves reversing the clamp bar (the two metal ingots either side of the card slot that the bolt passes through) I will look up the video for you, as I’m sure I’ve seen it done on YouTube. BTW it definitely looks more like a Flex now!

  2. OK, the clamp/card issue is fixed, thanks to the video For Tyeth linked to. πŸ™‚

    Also, I figured out the screw holding the clamp on is metric, and probably some of the others are too. Meanwhile, the screws holding on the D-ring and the ones for the grips aren’t metric. Fortunately, I have a metric hex set.

    • Hi EG180, glad to see the tip worked, (I’m also relieved as I’m no expert, but now and then I come up trumps πŸ™‚ ) Yes a good tip is always to have Metric and Imperial sets of Hex wrenches and tools, something my father, a top mechanic, taught me!

      • I’ve had both for years, along with various other tools. First, I tried a screwdriver with a couple tiny star bits (tip from a different video) but that didn’t work, so I dug out my metric hex set. The smallest one worked like a charm.

      • At the time when I had contact with my Dad he owned a full mechanics kit (similar to those you see in Indycar and Nascar pitlanes) and thetools were chrome vanadium, the works. The star shaped bits on screwdrivers are called Posi-Drive heads, theywere supposed to prevent the screwdriver stripping the heads.

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