Phase II Enterprise

OK, this is the thing I’ve been working on, for those who didn’t get it already. I’ve always been intrigued by Star Trek: Phase II, the second attempt at a Star Trek TV series by Paramount that was doomed before it really got into production. Of course, the pilot episode became Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and many of the sets were used on the movies and even TNG, and some of the characters and stories were revisited on that show as well, but one wonders what would have become of Star Trek had that series gone through, as opposed to becoming a movie. We’ll never know because it didn’t happen, and everything worked out OK. We had the movies with the original cast, followed by TNG, DS9, Voyager, more movies and Enterprise. All told, a lot of good Trek, some of which likely wouldn’t have happened if Phase II had happened instead of TMP. Of course, the current state of Star Trek is sad, but at least we have hours upon hours of great shows and movies.

One thing I’ve always liked from Phase II was the model work being done at Brick Price Movie Miniatures, particularly the Enterprise model being constructed by Don Loos. Unfortunately, the model wasn’t high enough quality for the motion picture work as it was being built for television, so it couldn’t be used. Still, I love looking at Matt Jefferies’ sleek redesign for the ship, and at the 75% completed model that was being built. They were also working on a space dock that was significantly different than the one designed by Andrew Probert for the movie.

Anyway, I’ve built this ship before, but it’s been many years. As before, I’m using Jefferies’ updated drawings, cleaned up and made available by David Shaw. The drawings aren’t complete, but they give a complete enough view of what he had in mind for the Enterprise’s refit. There are also a few existing pics from the build in the Phase II book, which I of course have a copy of. In fact, I’m re-reading it while working on this. But, what I don’t have as far as references is where artistic license comes in. My goal is to do something between TOS and TMP, like maybe an intermediate design. Anyway, this is what I have so far:





I’m building the ship in Blender 2.79, for those who are curious. I like Blender well enough. There are things I like better in Lightwave, but also things I like better in Blender. Blender’s price tag and Linux compatibility are always winning factors for me. 😉


8 thoughts on “Phase II Enterprise

    • On a semi-related note, had this series gone into production, Spock wouldn’t have been in it. They finally persuaded Leonard Nimoy to come back once the movie was already in production, much like his late arrival to the Enterprise in the film.

  1. Hi EG180, I have to say whatever software you are using it works. These models are great, especially that hangar bay section. I notice there isn’t the rear weapons/photon torpedo station on the back of the secondary hull above where it joins the pylon (or you haven’t modelled it yet/ it was another later addition) . I think it gives a nice clean look actually but the engine nacelles still have that 1950’s Caddy streamlining. (p.s. I’m hoping to do a course at college to learn Blender soon, should be fun!)

    • Hey For. Thanks, as always. I haven’t done any weapons yet. As for Blender, it’s great software. It started out as an in house effects tool for a European company in the 1990s. After they used it for a film or two, they decided to sell it. In the early 2000s, they shut down and Blender went with it. However, in a rare move, a group of Blender users on the Internet banded together and formed the Blender Foundation. They pooled their money together and bought the rights to the software outright. One of the key things the Blender Foundation mandates is that the software always be released under the GNU Public License, so it’s open source software. It’s a really powerful tool, able to stand toe to toe with the big dogs that cost thousands of dollars. Coming into it from not having a modeling background, you should be all right. Most people who use it as their first modeling tool are able to make good headway. Those of us who came from different software had to get used to the difference between Blender and software we’ve used in the past. But, it’s worth the time to figure out, in my opinion. Not everyone sees it that way, of course.

      • Thanks EG180, I have a little experience modelling Flight Simulator aircraft and using the free non license version of SketchUp so I wouldn’t be going in cold. I just can’t afford to upgrade my laptop to a PC capable of running these packages. But for now if I can get a qualification using Blender I’ll be ready when I upgrade.

  2. Blender 2.8 looks like it will be one of the best updates yet. Eevee, looks like it will be very helpful to my small projects.

    Looking forward to the progress on this lovely Phase II Constitution. 🙂

    • Thanks bro. It definitely takes a lot of work to get into the program. The interface can, at times, still be a bit tricky, as I sometimes forget where stuff is. Between that and forgetting the key commands sometimes, it can be a bit of a pill. But, I find it worthwhile as it’s really nice software.

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