SaberForge Phoenix

Yes, it’s another lightsaber. The Force wills it.


I ordered this hilt during a Flash sale, it was 50% off, which was too good to pass. It was a design I had my eye on anyway. Here are some early pics of the build process:


I didn’t take any pictures while I was doing the soundboard, speaker, battery, etc. install, because it was late. I did all of that after work, and I get home around 11:30 PM. But, it was a fun time. It was my first time installing a Prizm soundboard, which is a higher end one than I usually. It has six sound banks and a color change feature. It’s also a bit of a bitch to wire because most of the connections are on one side of the board and wires will overlap other solder points. Still, I got it done (only bridged one thing, and that was an easy fix) and it worked. I was elated.

The next day, the sound stopped working. So, again after work, I attempted to fix it. I checked and re-checked solder connections, redid some soldering, messed things up and had to redo them. After all of that, it turned out my speaker was bad. I was relieved and miffed, because I spent 2 hours chasing phantom issues when all I had to do was replace the speaker. So, I did and it works.

The finished build pics:







Anyway, that’s my SaberForge Phoenix. Here’s a video. Sorry, it gets a bit long winded in places, but it shows pretty much everything:


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