Star Wars Action Figures

I forgot about these until someone on a forum mentioned action figures.

Back in 1999, I decided I was going to get all of the Episode I action figures. Don’t ask why, I just did. Anyway, I’ve had all of these in a box for ages, so I decided to take it all out and snap some photos.

That’s quite a group, I almost didn’t fit them all on the dresser. 😉

Some Jedi. Note that Mace Windu had a purple lightsaber even then. Also, note Adi Gallia’s red blade. It’s a shame they wussed out and gave her a blue blade in Episode II. Yoda looked so terrible in that film, even in his action figure version. I’m so glad they replaced him with CGI for the Blu-Ray release. I have a base for Anakin in his padawan clothes from the end of the film, but I’m missing the figure.

Some Sith and Trade Federation meatbags.

Natives of Naboo.

The pod racing scene.

Not the droids you’re looking for. They had 4 different paint jobs for the battle droids, I have them all, plus the battle droid commander, OOM-9. I have a base for another Droideka, but I seem to be missing it.

Original trilogy classics, from the same line. The GONK droid won’t stand up on his own, hence my hand.

And, from the “just because I can files:

Anyway, that’s my collection of Episode I action figures, or at least what I could find. I may have a few more in other boxes, I shall have to investigate.


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