Consular Upgrade

Fun fact: According to WordPress, I registered my account 8 years ago today.

Anyway, moving along. I did a little something to my Consular:

And, I brutalized my switch:


But, I have a new switch on the way from the same Ebay seller, so it’s all good.

4 responses to “Consular Upgrade

  1. Hi EG180, Congratulations on your anniversary! 8 years, I just struggled to get to 8 months. Makes me feel better knowing that our blogs can survive that long, I have a target now.
    Loving that FOC, just hope the resistor is the right one so you don’t burn anything out!
    kind regards,
    For Tyeth

    • Thanks brother. It’s got a buck puck in it, so no worries. The sound setup came from my Electrum Wind and, on the advice of Lord Canterbury on the Saber Forum, I got that setup because I was getting violet amethyst. 🙂

      • Hi again, I forgot about the BuckPuck! I didn’t see one so I never thought that was what you used. I am so used to resistors as most of the other manufacturers use them, If I recall the BuckPuck should maintain the balance of the red and blue mix as the battery power drains, stops you getting a pink saber. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Pink!)
        Can’t wait to see what you do next, thanks.


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