Consular Lightsaber

Qui-Gon Jinn. Arguably ties for coolest character created for the Star Wars prequels, needlessly cut down by a plot device to force a young and inexperienced Obi-Wan Kenobi to do a poor job training Anakin Skywalker. However, his lightsaber would then be used to make his killer (and the guy he’s tied with for the coolest character award mentioned previously) half the man he used to be. Personally, I think both the man and the saber are really cool. I bought a cheap plastic Qui-Gon hilt way back in 1999, but I’ve been wanting a real one for ages. 18 years later, it’s happened.

Enter the Consular hilt from Ultra Sabers. I’ve been lusting after this hilt for ages. It occasionally comes up in a flash sale, a one day sale where you can get a specific saber reduced, usually 15% to 20%. I usually tell myself, “next time.” Well, last time was on payday, so it was on. I got this hilt for just a little over $100 with shipping. Here’s what I got from them:

Now, right off the bat I’m going to point out two problems. Firstly, the switch hole:

I suspect this hilt originally had a guarded style switch hole, but someone over there enlarged the hole to fit an anti vandal switch. It looks like it was done with a hand tool, and not very well. The edges are uneven and jagged. Fortunately, this is (barely) covered by the switch bezel. However, I expect better from Ultra Sabers. Second issue:

These are screws used for holding the Covertec wheel (top) in place. Left: came out of the Consular. Right: came out of my Lost Gray hilt, which like the Consular has a shrouded design. The screw from the Consular is way too long. It stuck into the hilt about 1/8 of an inch, making it impossible to fit the battery holder, soundboard, etc. inside the hilt. But, I dealt with that.

Anyway those are the negatives. Otherwise, it’s mostly positive.

I got all the other parts I needed from either my other sabers, The Custom Saber Shop or Ebay. The sound setup is from my Electrum Wind hilt, which I’m not that enthusiastic about anymore. The LED heat sink and (possibly) the LED came from my Lost Gray, and the switch from Ebay. I had another LED I was going to use, but I ran into issues.

So, after getting my parts, this is what I did:

LED wiring: This is a Tri Cree LED from The Custom Saber Shop. The saber was originally going to have flash on clash.

More wiring, I added connectors to ease in assembly and, if necessary, disassembly.

Everything all wired up and ready to install in the hilt. Or is it?

This video explains what went wrong at this point:

Basically, the LED optic I got from TCSS (The Custom Saber Shop) was too short to fit properly in the heat sink from Ultra Sabers. The optic would move around and it wouldn’t work. So, I ordered a new heat sink from TCSS, which should have fit into the hilt. Well, it didn’t because Ultra Sabers doesn’t have a wider section in their emitters for the TCSS style heat sinks. So, I had to drop the flash on clash and just wire up a single LED. Anyway, it’s all explained in this video, where I show off the complete saber and explain what happened with the LED:

Anyway, problems aside, I’m really happy with this saber. I think it’s just a fantastic design and an awesome addition to my collection. Here are some photos:

So, that’s my latest lightsaber. As usual, things didn’t go quite as well as I’d hoped, but they went well enough. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Consular Lightsaber

  1. Hi EG180, Congrats on the Consular! I have been tempted by this hilt a couple of times (as people have said Qui-gon looks like me) but until funds allow I have to enjoy looking at other folks’ hilts. The information you shared about the LED optics and heatsink module compatibility will be very useful to a lot of DIY builders in future. Hope your saber serves you long and well.

    • Thanks For Tyeth. Yeah, the Consular is a must own as far as sabers go, in my opinion. I don’t remember what sabers you have, but it’s about comparable in size to Ultra Sabers’ Aeon and Sentinel lines. It’s about 1/2 an inch shorter than my Aeon LE V4 and maybe a tad thicker where the shroud is. But, it doesn’t feel as “chunky” as some of their other shrouded hilts do. Plus, as you saw in the video, I have large hands with long fingers.

      I definitely learned a lot about MHS parts compatibility. Of course, if I’d looked at the diagram on TCSS showing the diameter of that heat sink at 1.130″, I’d have known it wouldn’t work. But, live and learn. I’ll just save that for build using one of their emitters. 😎

      • Hi again, yeah I have a Saberforge Disciple which is roughly the same length (but slightly slimmer) as the US Prophecy. It does have SF’s equivalent of Consular Green though. I need to get back on the US Forum, as I have spent a LOT of time designing sabers for my site. I have designed two sabers in honour of Mr. Harris and his son but because I use SF’s ASP builder it doesn’t seem right to tell him!
        It will be interesting to see what you build next,

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