Lightsaber Upgrade Pt. 2

Just a quick follow up to yesterday’s video.  This one details some configuration changes I made to the board, including changing sound fonts and changing my blade flicker settings.  I also increased the swing sensitivity.  I love how simple this board is to configure.

Meanwhile, adding blog posts with my phone is a pain in the ass.  But, I didn’t have time to post this before leaving the house. ::)


2 thoughts on “Lightsaber Upgrade Pt. 2

  1. That is just so darn cool. I like that you can edit a simple text file to make certain adjustments / improvements. Sorry though, kinda like the dark side sound 🙂 mwahahaha…

    • I like the Dark Side font too, that’s why it’s still on the saber. 😉 Being able to edit a text file to make adjustments is a huge deal for me. Many boards require you to hook the board itself up to a computer and run software. However, the software is Windows and Mac compatible, no Linux. So, I couldn’t run such software at this point in time. Though, to do this kind of stuff on boards, (as well as run other software) I plan to install Windows on my desktop again, once I can afford to buy Win10.

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