Another Switcheroo

After having fun with my Dark Sentinel yesterday, switching it to green and going with the opposing silver switch with the black bezel, I decided I wanted to do another. So, I grabbed the switch that came with that saber and the other grab bag saber I got in that order, my Aeon V3. Sentinel Yellow is one of my favorite colors, ever since I first played Knights of the Old Republic. I pad $10 extra per saber for this color on my Aeon V2s, so I was for sure going to use this LED, even though I switched one of the V2s over to orange. So, I decided to put it in the V3. I really like how this looks.



Now, this color is straight yellow in person, but it came out a bit on the amber side in the pictures. It happens. Cameras don’t seen to be able to handle light from LEDs so well. I’m just glad it didn’t totally blow out the color, like it tends to do with Ultra Edge blades.

I had a second switch planned for today. I was going to switch my blazing red Initiate LE V4 over to green, but I messed up the switch that I took out of the Initiate, and the one I took out of the Aeon V3. I don’t know what happened, I may have applied direct heat too long. Anyway, both switches are messed up pretty badly. Here’s the one from the Initiate:


I’m not using that switch in a saber. I’m planning to order some electronics stuff tomorrow for a sound upgrade, I may just use that Initiate for my first go at adding sound. I’ll need a new switch for that anyway, since that is a latching switch and the sound boards require a momentary switch. Anyway, the Initiate is currently disassembled.


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