Going Green

Not a huge customization here. I got this Dark Sentinel from Ultra Sabers some months back, during the second Summer Raffle, I think. I couldn’t afford to enter the raffle, so I bought a couple grab bags, I got this hilt and an Aeon V3. The Dark Sentinel came in Fire Orange, which is a nice enough color, but not necessarily my favorite. I have a friend who really likes orange blades, so I plan to give him an orange saber, just not this hilt. A while back, I transferred the orange LED to one of my Aeon V2 hilts, which I plan to give to him eventually. At that point, I left the hilt disassembled, because I couldn’t decide what to do with it. I thought about doing some sanding, but I still haven’t decided if I want to turn this into a two tone hilt. And, if I do, I can always do it later. I have a big upgrade planned for my Aeon LE V4, in fact I want to add sound and Flash on Clash to it. To get FoC, I’ll need a Tri Cree LED anyway, so that means the green LED in that hilt is up for grabs, as is the silver latching unlit AV switch. So, I decided to switch all of that over to the Dark Sentinel, as I have two black hilts with blue, but I don’t have any with green. I also decided to give the hilt a hint of silver by transferring the AV switch, but only the switch. I used the black bezel, to make it look more like the switch is built in and not just tacked on. I really like how it came out.






Now, this was a simple enough customization, but not without its hairy moments. Firstly, these sabers are MHS compatible in the hand grip section, which means they have a 1.25″ diameter. However, around the choke point, they slim down to just under an inch. So, in accordance with Murphy’s law, each time I tried feeding my red wire that went back to the switch down through the pommel end, it invariably hit the 1/8″ shelf where the hilt interior thins down. It must have taken me a dozen tries to finally get the wire (as straightened out as I could get it) down into the much larger 1″ open area.  Another thing I wasn’t prepared for was how much heat was required to get the hot glue US uses to melt and pool back down around the switch. This is thick walled aluminum where the switch is, and aluminum is a metal with a high threshold for heat, so it took several minutes of blowing on the thing with my heat gun on high to get the glue to do its thing. But, it finally did. I was a tad worried about the electronics after that, but it all went OK. I do plan to not use glue when I upgrade the Aeon LE. You can alternately just wrap electrical tape around the switch and it will press fit into place.

Anyway, that’s what I have for today. My upgrade to the Aeon is waiting for funds and for something to come back in stock.

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