Lightsaber Build

Well, I built my first lightsaber today. I decided to do my first one using a Dominix V3 hilt from Ultra Sabers. This hilt wasn’t very expensive, less so than ordering parts and putting one together. Since I had a lot of other stuff to buy that I won’t have to buy next time, (soldering iron, solder, etc.) I figured to keep costs down on the saber itself. Now, just to be clear, this isn’t a money saving way to go, as opposed to buying the saber itself from Ultra Sabers. Complete with blade, this saber is $69.99 USD. I paid probably a bit more than that for all my parts and didn’t get a blade. Plus, I ordered electronics from another site, so I had to pay for shipping there as well. This is more of a challenge thing than a money saver. Truth be told, you can’t build a saber of this quality for less than Ultra Sabers charges for them.

Anyway, this is what I started out with:


I have my hilt, LED, thermal tape, optic holder, optic, switch, heatsink, resistor and battery holder.

And, of course, I also had wire, heat shrink tubing, soldering iron, solder, heat gun, safety glasses, wire snips, tweezers, helping hands (soldering tool) and electrical tape.  I wasn’t going to use the tape, but I accidentally ordered the wrong size of heat shrink tubing and I can’t find small enough locally.  I didn’t want to pay for more shipping, so I just went with electrical tape.

Anyway, a couple hours, some mistakes and a great deal of cussing later, I wound up with this:

Things didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked, but I think it went well.  At least it works.  😉  A lot of my solder joints could be a lot cleaner and I’d prefer using heat shrink over the electrical tape, but such is life.  Considering that I haven’t soldered in over 20 years and I’ve never done anything like this, I think I did OK.  The LED is a Luxeon Rebel Star royal blue LED.  The color is about the same as Guardian Blue from Ultra Sabers.  I wanted the hilt to be all black, switch and all, but that wasn’t going to happen with this switch type.  It’s available in latching with either a silver, red or blue button.  I went with blue to match the blade.  Also, kudos to Ultra Sabers on that black anodizing.  I accidentally touched my soldering iron tip to the hilt while I was installing the switch and it didn’t leave a mark.  🙂

So, that’s my first build.  I’m happy.  In the near(ish) future, I want to rewire some of my other sabers, do some LED swap outs.  But, I also want to get that 1/16 inch heat shrink tubing first.  I also want to try adding sound to a stunt saber.  And, of course, there are other mods to try, the type that involve drilling and tapping holes and adding bits of this and that to the hilts.  But, that’s all for later.  I wanted this one to be simple.  (walk before you run, and all that)


6 thoughts on “Lightsaber Build

  1. Hello Evil Genius 180, They seem to make tough sabers at Ultrasabers! that blue really pops against the black hilt. Congratulations on taking a big step into saber building!

    • Thanks a lot, For Tyeth. It was a fun and educational build.

      Ultra Sabers are definitely tough. That’s one reason I went with one of their hilts, besides the price. I know I’m getting an excellent product from them. 🙂

  2. Hi again, I have seen quite a few reviews on their hilts and the Aeon/Dominix hilts are highly rated as good all round sabers. I believe we have met elsewhere where your number is 79?

  3. Don’t worry your secret is safe with me. I would like to say your artwork is incredible, I thought that they were concept art from real studio projects. And the starships are 3d models? Man that is some serious talent.

  4. Hello EG180,
    Sorry I haven’t been around to comment recently, but the festive period has been hectic and a difficult time for some obvious reasons. However I have recently been recognised with a Blogger Award, and part of the process involves naming other bloggers to receive the award too. Well I was mightily impressed by your artwork and renders, so felt you should get a bit more publicity so I have nominated you. If you are interested in taking part in the process I will leave a link to my page where you can get more details on the “Blogger Recognition Awards”. You don’t have to participate if you’d rather not, it is just a bit of fun and a little extra publicity for our blogs.
    Thanks again for sharing the artwork and I am looking forward to seeing developments with your sabers.
    Kind regards,
    For Tyeth

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