I mentioned the lightsabers I own in my previous post.  Since I mentioned them, I figure it’s only fair to show them.  These are my seven Ultra Sabers stunt sabers:


Left to right: Initiate LE V4, Sentinel V4, Aeon V2, Aeon V2, Aeon LE V4, Aeon V3, Dark Sentinel V4

All of them are stunt sabers, meaning they have no sound.  But, I can pretty easily upgrade all of them, except the two Aeon V2s.  Those are thinner, so putting sound in one of them would be problematic. While these are “plain” hilts, the upgrade possibilities are nearly endless. Also, if one were to try learning lightsaber combat and/or spinning, any of these hilts would be ideal.

And, in the interest of being fair, here are a couple pics of my Hasbro Force FX lightsaber:


It’s modeled after Luke Skywalker’s original hilt, the one (allegedly) taken from Anakin by Obi-Wan after their battle and saved for Luke.  Of course, the actual one in Episode III was different, but I digress.  This hilt is pretty darn accurate, based on pics I can find of the actual props and the type of camera flash they used to make them.  The largest thing that seems to vary based on which image you’re looking at is which side of the hilt the clamp is on.  So, this is accurate to some of the props, but not all.  It had four stickers on it when I got it, but I’ve since removed them to make it look a hell of a lot better.

Anyway, that’s my collection so far.  I ordered parts and tools for my first lightsaber build today, I’m super excited about that.  😀


4 thoughts on “Lightsabers

  1. Hey there! Love the site and your work. I wonder if you might be interested in helping me out? I am creating a new Star Trek RPG and am using odd movie era ships. Is it possible for you to create some orthos of your Phase II Enterprise, and some beauty shots with the markings “CSV Challenger, NCC-7099”? Credit will of course be given on my site, as well as a link to your site.

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